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Nobody - Part 2

Nobody - Part 2

My mouth was bleeding and I could feel that a few of the expensive crowns were lose, but had no time to consider this since without a word I was grabbed and thrown across my dining table – where I had just signed my employment contract. Straps were produced, binding me to each leg and a ball gag was roughly pushed into my mouth so that I could taste more blood.

He just watched. Without a word, he took a knife and slowly and painstakingly cut through my jeans, belt, and tee shirt, before slitting my jock and leaving me naked and bound to the table – helpless.

‘That’s better. I have waited a long time to see your body and to have you where I want you.’

My mind raced; what was going to happen. Never have I been so scared, and yet my dick stood to attention and was harder than it had ever been.

‘Good, I can see that you are in agreement that this is what you want. Now let me explain’, and with that he nodded to the thugs who stood to attention at each corner of the table, He then pulled a chair up so that he was sitting between my legs – His face level with my dick.

‘I have been watching you for many months both on your business trips and via the websites that you have accessed. And my, haven’t you found some interesting and perverse ones? From these and the on-line conversations that you have had with many Masters - actually all Me – I have a good understanding of how your mind works and what you really want from life.

‘Don’t think that our meetings were accidental. You have been under constant surveillance and observation for the past twelve months and there is nothing about you past life, family, friends or employment that I do not know. You can hide nothing from me.

‘You are what I am searching for and your employment with me will take you deep into your inner most thoughts and desires. There is no way out and no resignation or dismissal, in the traditional sense, possible’.

I tried to struggle but the straps were two tight and all that I could do was mumble into the gag.

‘Now don’t struggle, there really is no use, and my team will not hesitate to damage and hurt you if you do not comply. To them you are nothing, a nobody.

‘I am going to ask you a series of questions, a test, to establish the absolute limit of your desires. I believe that a true masochist with a deep-down need to be hurt will be turned on irrespective of what its verbal answer may be. You will not be able to hide away behind a “no”. If you are true to the person I believe you to be, your new life will begin. If I see that what I am offering is not what you want, deep down, I will release you and provide you with sufficient funds to settle all your outstanding debts and start a new life. I think that you will agree that his is fair.

When He said this it made my dick go hard. As hard as it was for me to admit to myself my true desires, let alone actually tell them to someone, I also knew that tied naked to the table I would not be able to fool him: my dick never lied.

He remained silent and as the silence lengthened, my erection subsided.

‘Let me explain. As from Midnight, I have assumed all your debts, loans and redeemed your mortgage. All that you had is now my property and you have signed away all rights to me.

‘This contract will be filmed so that there is no way out.’ And with that one of the thugs switched on a small camera and set me into the viewfinder.
‘First question. Do you want to also be my property?’ He asked slowly and methodically, his eyes fixed directly upon mine, and then slowly looking downward towards my crotch.
As He said this Ii thought, ‘Property? No way am I property; I am a free man!’, but found myself unable to control my dick. Slowly it lifted up and away from my ball sac, rising towards Him. He smiled approvingly, then fell silent and waited for my erection to subside.
When I was flaccid again He continued, speaking each word carefully and slowly with his deepest voice.
‘Do you want to be kidnapped, removed and separated from your current life to live as my Slave twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week?’
Before He had even finished asking the question, my dick had become engorged once again and stood erect. I could feel the beat of my heart racing, filling it up. Then again, silence.
‘Do you want to be tattooed?’ Again my dick responded without hesitation.
Over many hours the questioning continued as before. After each question He waited before proceeding to the next. And with each question He drew my affirmative response.
‘Do you want to be pierced including tongue, nose, nipples and dick, freely according to my wishes?
‘Do you want to be marked permanently to identify you as my property?
‘Do you want to be modified in any way that I see fit that will bring pleasure to me and my customers?
‘Do you want to be visibly tattooed including hands, face, head and scalp, with whatever I want, including but not limited to overtly homoerotic images and tribal designs?
‘Do you want wear my permanent steel collar and be cuffed and chained to sleep in your cage at night?
‘Do you want to be displayed in public and on websites?
‘Do you want to serve anyone that I wish you to, with no limits and no choice, no matter how perverse or extreme their taste?’
By the time that He seemed to have finished his list of questions, I realised that I had agreed, well, my dick had agreed, to possibly everything that he could conceivably do to me.

He then walked to stand directly in front of me, his legs spread apart, removing his tee shirt, standing in his jeans, chaps and heavy black motorcycle boots. I couldn't look away and stared at the black tribal tattoos that covered his entire chest and torso. The thick metal rings hung from his nipples. He looked down, grinning and said: "Just one last question. Do you want to begin being my slave starting now?"

I had expected that question and was trying to think of anything that would cause me to lose my hard-on. Yes, I had fantasized about being a slave and being tattooed but wanted to scream out ‘No!’ He knew everything now and there was nothing that I could do. My darkest secrets were out, ones that Ii had hid from myself for many years. Silently I was cursing myself for having spoken with Him and cursing my dick for betraying my desires. Being in bondage, naked and gagged turned me on, so when He looked at my dick, try as I might, my own body betrayed me again as my dick went hard.

‘I knew that would be your answer and the video is a witness to our contract.
‘You are my property now. You will do as I wish when I wish with no question or hesitation. I will modify you, use you and change you as I so decide. And be warned, I will not tolerate any disobedience. So there is no mistake about, there is no going back. It's time to close your past life’.

With that he nodded to the thugs; two went into my bedroom and I could hear them rummaging in my closets and drawers. One went though my desk and laptop whilst another searched cupboards.

Each returned with piles of clothes, shoes, papers and documents, files and photographs: a huge pile was forming in the centre of my room. ‘What the fuck were they doing with my things?’

‘In case you wonder,’ He said, ‘we are taking your past life and will destroy what there is so that you start anew’. He took my passport and birth certificate and tore them up in front of me and threw them onto the ever expanding pile.
A thug gave him my address book and a print out of all my contacts from my pc.

‘Good, I think that we are done. Prepare him’.

I felt a tourniquet being tightened on my right arm and a prick. Suddenly, as it was released, my whole body glowed and slowly I began to drift into an induced sleep.

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