Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I will murder you in a free style
murder you ev-ree-way
fly pass you on the free way
matter fact you kin have a 3 lanes
Cuz I'm flying higher than air waves
You can't even see my air plane
I'm in ya head like an ear pain
fukin w/ me bitch you muss be in-sane
You faker den Auto Tune
Fuck around and get yah brain re-ranged
I'm hitting like free base
runnin circles like home base
Nuttnin but trouble
You could call me Chevy chase
I don't need to paper chase
Crush You like and asteroid
Use you Like Dan Ayk_o_royd
Leave ya nose bleeding like hem-o-roids
you ant nutting but a nat 2 me
digg out ya man - fuck up his anat-o-my
Now tell me who's annoyed
I'm a mac bite me aint fuckin wit no android
aint fukin wit no little boys
you like a fat peedo in a speedo
i aint fukin wit ya little toy
outcast big boy call me Mr. lewd boy
Son you like them rude boys
I don't need no speedo I sun in the nude boy
Big Dick Stay Fit Talk shit
bitch you can eat shit
You didn't know who you was fucking wit
No open ya mouth and get 2 suckin BITCH!


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