Sunday, May 3, 2020

After School Special

My middle school soccer coach used to walk around the locker room in his tighty whities. I’ve always had a very sensitive sense of smell and tastes. My face was at crotch height when sitting on the locker room benches. I could smell the piss stains and his cock even as he approached from behind.  I would linger there on the bench taking in the testosterone filled sweat and funk till the very end trying to hide my raging boner from my team mates. 

Secretly I hoped he would let me bury my face in his crotch and allow me to lick and suck on his piss stains while his cock twitched and grew leaking precum inside his draws. Finally releasing his thickend manhood allowing me to engulf him in my eager mouth. I never made it home before I rubbed one out. 

To this day I still have a fetish for sweaty cum and piss stained underwear. Sometimes I’ll steal a sniff of random undies and jocks at the gym. Occasionally, I’ll steal them and take them home. 

Often I’d stop at the mall and cruise the toilets. Sitting in a stall looking through the peepholes watching for just a glimpse of cock. Often guys would fondle themselves while smoking their Marlboros. I learned a tap of the foot replied with the same would be rewarded with the emergence of a hard pulsing cock dripping with spit that tasted like cigarettes and a days worth of sweat from below the partition. 

My pants around my ankles,  I’d fall fully to my knees and devour him greedily nursing on his manhood. Moans of pleasure and interrupted breaths an affirmation of his pleasure encouraging me on. I’d blissfully continue, learning the techniques that cause his cock and his body to stiffen and spasm as he erupted flooding my mouth with his precious seed. It felt sacred and spiritual. Insatiably I’d continue swallowing, suckling and milking well after his body and cock went limp until  he withdrew from me and back behind the partition. I’d exclaim with whines and whimpers of protest like a sad puppy while he quickly wiped,  dressed and exited the stall. 

Sometime I’d be granted a Marlboro for my efforts. Elation sank to despair as I savored the taste of his cum smoking the cigarette. Then the bathroom door would sound. The stall next door would open an with the clink of the latch. Again my spirit and cock would rise. 

Sunday, December 24, 2017