Thursday, December 25, 2008


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Monday, October 20, 2008

Interview With Damian Lewd By: ian jacobs

It's nearly 1am before Photographer Damian Lewd has a free moment to have this short discussion with me for a first interview and I'm eager to get a few questions answered.

ianjacobs (ij): Tell me about Lewd Life what is it and how did it come to pass?

DamianLewd (DL): lewd life spawned from personal projects that I did for myself when I kept the freak inside me on a short leash. There was my commercial work then there was "that other stuff" I did. A collection consisting of nudes and a glimpse of the fetishes I was to get into and the full time freak I was to become. I started exhibiting on Fire Island and it started a website to show the work, it took on a life of it's own. The Freak was off the leash. Now there's a website which now is a fetish photography site but I hope to expand it as a brand to include products, chat and social networking.

ij: Why Fetish?

DL: I'm a Horny Bastard and I have a lot of them.

ij: What was the inspiration for the Instigator Magazine piece?

DL: Basically I'm a huge fan of the magazine and have wanted to shoot for them for about 2 years. I just decided to go for it and shoot what I liked and what I thought would look good in the magazine. It was a mix of about 3 stories I (story) borded and shot over a weekend. I had some solid ideas and I wanted to shoot @ The Eagle but, that didn't work out. Maybe next time...if you're listening guys I'll do "ANYTHING" to use your space! I had a lot of help from Max at The Leather man on Christopher St. Those guys are awesome! I'm not sure what was actually published I haven't gotten a copy yet but I think It was the skin head piece...I just thought what's hotter than skin heads, leather and swords.

ij: Instigator is a Male Homo Fetish Magazine do you shoot women or are women included in Lewdlife?

DL: Not really...I rarely shoot women anymore. They're gorgeous creatures but i like shooting stuff that makes my dick hard. I might consider shooting chicks w/ dicks that's kinda hot!

ij: Who would you say are your biggest influences?

DL: WoW...there are so many great artists out there that I look at but in terms of influences..I'd have to say artist like Tom Of Finland, Drubskin & Maplethorpe's photography shaped how I visualize images. I've gotten off so many times as a kid to their stuff.

ij: Who do you look at now?

DL: I really enjoy Joe Oppedisano & Justin Monroe's work! Those guys are awesome. I still look a lot of Drubskin...I always wanted to draw comics.

ij: What's your biggest Fetish?

DL: Toss up between Ripe jocks & Piss.

ij: What biggest turn on/ turn off?

DL: Turn on: A man who wants me. A hard cock in my mouth & foreskin.
Turn off: Bad head & bad kissers & stupidity.

ij: What kind of guys do you like?

DL: One with a hard cock... I like all kinds of guys Daddies, Bears, skaters, punks, skins.... part of what I do visually is find the sexy in every one ...maybe it's so easy for me to do because I'm attracted to so many kinds of guys. I tend to like em older.

ij: Are you single?

DL: Hell yes!

ij: Do you have sex with your models?

DL: I try not to...

ij:What's Next for Damian Lewd?

DL: Well I've been really busy with rebuilding the Lewdlife.com site and shooting for future magazine submissions and look for a book some time next year(2009). I'm working on a photographic novel and eventually, motion picture as a medium.

ij: Sounds like you've got a lot on your plate. What's the book About?
DL: It's a photo book called Fetish Priests I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

ij: And the Comic Book?

DL: Well it's more like a film in graphic novel format. 3 films actually, I'm working on 3 story lines to be rotated like the old cliff hangers. I was thinking Heavy Metal Magazine

ij:I totally get what you mean. That sounds interesting and exciting. What are the stories about?

DL: Exciting and exhausting it's much more like producing a film than a series of photo shoots. Its too early to reveal but I will say that the first is a psychological thriller about a queer serial killer. Think American Psycho (2000), Silence of the Lambs (1991) meets Saw (2004, 2005 et al). Then second is a barbarian story and the third....

ij: Exciting indeed! When and where can we expect to see it?
DL: I try. It's just the stuff I love. I run most every thing past instigator first but there are some other mags I have in mind if they're not interested. There's always the blog and Lewdlife.com.

ij: Well thanks for taking time out to chat with us We'll look for ward to meeting again to further discuss your future projects.