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He was frozen after WWII so maybe he doesn't know how to talk to black people

Did he call you colored or something? 

Is that the Negro Panther? 

What did you say to me? 


Fun Fact Spider-man had animated Eyes before there was a Deadpool...see Erik Larson's Spiderman 1990's and since Deadpool is actually a combination of several Comic characters one of which being Spider-man and Erik Larson being a contemporary of Rob Lifeld (Creator of Deadpool) .... you see where I'm going with this? Now some people may say yeah but that was ages ago and I will refer you to Ultimate Spider-man (comic or animated) and as we know MCU is based greatly on Marvel ultimates i.e. Sam Jackson as Nick Fury.

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Freaks Vs Aesthetics !!!

Single-Payer Universal Health Care Explained

Transgender Bodybuilder Gets Fired from Multi-Million Dollar Supplement ...

Apple Confirms March 21 iPhone SE & iPad Pro 9.7” Event!

Is this kid serious?
you can't see why apple would back track?
Let's think about this for a moment...
Although Apple copied samsung and co in making a larger phone and then a yet even larger phone.
Those other companies offer phones in a variety of sizes, unlike Apple which forces you to buy the big and bigger phone as there are no other options if you want to remain in the iOS family and have an updated ( not up to date) phone...and..here's a thought. Not everyone wants a Phablet for a phone especially when you already have an iPad etc. Personally, I replaced the screen on my iPhone 4 3x and didn't upgrade to a 5s till the 6s (which i didn't want) was out and only because my 4s was stolen...Why? because I'm not 16 or 86 and my main viewing screen is not my phone and my vision is fine. If i want to watch movies its not going to be on my phone. I like my phone to function first as a phone then if i need to catch something quick i'll watch a video or kill time with a video game ,but If i'm doing something that requires a lager screen... that's what and iPad or mac book for. If you need a bag or large pockets to hold your mobile phone it's not really mobile is it. Besides all my girlfriends had to get new purses just to fit their phones.. but the bigger the phone stashed away in a bag or purse the more reasonable it seems to buy an Apple watch. hmmm and just wait till constant use of that big ass phone causes a generations worth of carpal tunnel #JustSayin