Friday, March 29, 2013

Positive Negative Reinforcement

11:30PM ish I meet this guy on scruff. (I'm visiting my mom during spring break.) we chatted for a couple days intermittently before we get to the good part. His pic is a bit dodgy but clear enough for me to see what he looks like. Bottom line is I'm moving back to town and I'm looking to meet guys in the area. Sex isn't really on my mind but everyone and I mean everyone on Grinder is looking for a hook up. In fact if you follow my tweets you already know recently tweeted a NY Times article"How Grindr Is Changing the Way We Connect". In the article the apps author is quoted saying
"...as much as Grindr is about casual interactions, it is also, at it's core, a social networking application...Mr. Woo said the Grindr survey of its users found that two-thirds of them were using the application to find new friends, to network or to kill time, as well as to hook up", which has always been the basis of my argument that Grinder is not just a hookup app. Otherwise, why include looking for friends relationship network etc?
He later says, "You're putting two people with not a lot in common on a crash course to meet..."
Unfortunately, in the final line of the article Mr. Woo, back pedals a bit, "I joke that the wheel was invented by a gay man so he could get to his hook up faster." ( nyti.ms/Y43qON )
This is why I'm on scruff. It tends to be a friendlier environment and the guys seem less full of themselves. It isn't always about getting your dick out and your nut off. Seriously, I many not be the White Gold Standard but I live in NYC and I'm Phyne, I have a bigger than avg. dick and a high tight bubble ass. I don't need any app to get off.

So I meet this bearish guy.We chat for a bit, now "bear" with me I'm paraphrasing.
Originally he starts off talking about how my pic is scary looking. I tell home I'm truly harmless and a nice guy I use the mad grill pic to ward of douche bags on Grindr. (which I later repeat on the phone)
Me: "Dude you got more pics?"
[Pic snt]
"You are so sexy!"
He: "I am not sexy! You are but I am not."
Me:"Would you let me be the judge of what's sexy or not. I hate those self proclaimed "VGL"/ "sexy" douche bags online. Hello narcissism or in your case insecurity. How do you know that you aren't exactly what I find perfectly sexy? I love all kinds of men."
We chat for a while more. He seemed cool and I asked if he wanted to hang.
"Send more pics I wanna see your body"
"Ok you do the same "
"Whys it do blurry"
"It's compressed I don't have scruff on my iPad so the pic was emailed from my phone. I'll send another"

He said, "If I don't want to hook up are you going to mad"
I'm like, "Dude I think your hot but we don't have to hook up at all. I'm just looking for some company and to meet guys in the area"
He then asked me to wait for his sister to leave. Texting me the whole time for about an hour.
He asks about my location picking me up etc.
"I live on No Bdway where are you?"
"I have a car i can come to you? What do you wanna do?"
bla bla bla
He says his sister is almost leaving then she's left. The next time he texts me its his number I've already texted him mine.
"Oh I'm in the garage... I was driving... Idk if I wanna come out or not."
Idk where he was waiting for his sister to leave from since he gave me the impression he was home now he's riding in the car. But hey benefit if the doubt maybe he ran out for iced cream.
"Well I can come to you if you like do you want company?"

Back and fort we go...

I would have included the actual scruff convo, but by the end of our conversation I was blocked. We also chatted on the phone for a good thirty minutes where he grilled me about this and that. All his questions are about what I like sexually, how big was my dick what like to do with a guy, how often do I jerk off and on and on.
Im like so do you want some company or not?
"Well i gotta take a shower"
"If you must but i don't need you to in fact i prefer you don't"
"I went to the gym i haven't showered since early this am"
(it's nearly midnight )...
"Your totally making my cock hard"
"Yeah you like that"
"And then some"
"I don't really smell though..."
"You may not stink or be offensive but everyone has their own scent. It's up to you but I'd love it if you didn't. It's not like we're having sex or anything8
"So you wanna smell to my sweaty pits?"
"Pits cock balls underwear socks feet!"
"But I don't really smell like that.."
"But like I said I'm really just looking for company of you want I'd be happy to spend the entire time with my face in any one of those sweaty places...
"So what if I want to just watch you jerk off with my sweaty nuts in your face. What if I want you to come strip naked and jerk off..(you will notice much of this is also repeated in our phone text at this point I'm thinking this MF is jerking off right now) Well let me clean up a bit"
"I don't need you to. No judgement."
"Ok I just have some laundry and stuff I gotta put away"
"Send me some more pics..."
So anyway, Here are the screen shots from our phone texts.

[Screen Shots 2 Follow]

Pictures have been altered to protect the guilty.

So now here's the thing. I gave this dude plenty of outs. On the phone and via text. He didn't take them instead he proceeded to try encourage me get him off over the phone. Now if you recall I started off this conversation by saying I'm not looking for sex. Now if you wanna reject me for any reason that's your prerogative. But you must really be smoking that Bobby Brown if you think I'm gonna let you use me to get off.
So as you can see after two hrs of dealing with this cunt I cut to the chase. I notice he promptly disappears from my Scruff messages on my iPad. As you've read I commented via text. So just to be sure I call......
Voice mail
"Impressive dude real mature"
I hang up the rest is in the rest the following screenshots.

Now I should have picked up on his douchebagery with all the send more pics and complaining about the one pic that's slightly blurred in areas(came from my Instagram) when this guy did not send me on clear photo. This is what I get for multi tasking. So here's the other thing. My status is listed in my profile it gets removed from time to time the biohazard that's on my stomach above my navel is clearly visible in several of the pics in my scruff profile. I've been POZ nor more than half my life time I have a fucking biohazard on my belly. I think it's needless to say I'm pretty upfront about my shit. If you happened to miss all that and ask I'm pretty upfront about my shit. Why is it necessary to bitch out and suddenly stop responding or block me because I'm not trying to be your cum rag or phone sex operator after you've decided I'm not fit to meet you because of my status. Im a big boy and after half my life being POZ, + my whole life being brown, I think I can handle a little rejection. It's about 3:15 as I'm wrapping this article up. This dude wasted two and a half hours of my time bullshitting. But didn't have the balls/ respect to respectfully decline and when he didn't get what he wanted he threw a tantrum. Then when I mention adding his ass to my blog suddenly he remembers how to text. Additionally, saying that I'm threatening him LOL.and to remove all posts etc I hadn't even written the the article yet.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


i arrived at his apt and hour late. i like to keep the bitches waiting
the doorman was expecting me. i had told him to let the door man know his Master would be coming to punish his bitch ass and to give a description of me. He must have thought the bitch was joking, i could see the look of horror on his face as he saw a booted skinhead entering the rotating glass doors of this luxury building. He quickly collected himself as he seemed to recall my bitches instructions and description. He smiled a tooth smile and said Oh! you must be the Master.. go right on up...{pause} Sir. It tickled me that he called me Sir. I nodded to him and proceeded to the lift. His eyes never left me even as the doors to the lift closed. i pushed pH and entered the code.
The door was unlocked as i had in instructed. a single candle pierced the darkness. his shadowy figure knelt naked with his back to me. i stood in the doorway a moment and pushed the do shut. He gasped in anticipation.

he sat there in the center of the empty room motionless on his hind quarters arms behind his back. No doubt he had remained this way for at least an hour and a half. I let me eyes adjust. i approached him silently. As I came closer I could see the base of the massive dildo buried deep within him glistening in the candle light. Next to him a lie hood and a bucket of boy butter. i was pleased to see he was open ready. I had no intention of fucking him. I don't fuck slaves. They aren't worthy of my cock. From behind, I secured the hood over his with lock and key. His breathing deepened and hastened his ass began to tremble around the gargantuan slab of fleshy rubber that invaded him. I slowly unzipped my bleachers and released my cock and balls. His breathing hastened still. My balls churned as my cock began to lengthen. I could feel the piss deep within. His breathing was now fast and shallow his chest heaved his whole body ripe with anticipation.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Untittled Twitterration

Dude say he like twinks
IdC what he thinks 
2much sugar 
2many Finks 
I like grown men 
Hard like Brinx 
Hairy woodie l
ike a wookie 
No jajaBinx
No hello kitty 
No think pinks 
Like em rude n crude 
LewdLife inc 
No girly Attitudes 
No shaved skins 
Like minks 
Str8 2 the point 
No sly winks
No side winks 
Only let em in
if dey like kink 
Str8 hair curly hair 
SnM Up n here 
when we lewd-life-ing 
No boy bands 
No NSync
No J Timberlake 
No Nick Lachey 
No Justin Jef-fre 
Throwing dick my way 
Or pen-e-tra-ting 
PAs all the way 
No PA 
Parental Avisor-rey 
UM on fire 2nite 
MFs need2 retire 2night 
MFs gon call me Sire 2nite 
I aint huffin 
I aint puffin 
On dey knees blowin 
Is where dey goiN 2night

Peter Pandrew: Andrew Cristi's New Book

Avocate Interview:

Did Peter Pan Inspire This Gay Prostitute Turned Novelist?


I can't say that I have read the book. However, I've know Andrew Cristi since 2010. I also have followed him on FB. I first met him in a Statistics for Behavioral Sciences course in college. I'd just started a twitter account and tweeted a photo of him. It was my first photo tweet, subsequently deleted. We hung out a bit after class and visited the campus queen club. Little did I know what I was in for.  He's smart funny and yes Narcissistic and that's just the beginning. I often found myself agreeing with much of his rants, until so often he took a left turn off a cliff. It's the context and the interpersonal relations that drove me mad when dealing with him. He was abrasive, brutally honest, and very much full of him self to the point of delusion. Finally, After a FB "fight" if you will, I threw my hands up in the air and wrote him off. Then I wrote an article about it "The Truth About Andrew Cristi". I never did publish it though. I wasn't surprised however, when I got the call or text rather, requesting to do a photo shoot for the Advocate article. We'd scheduled shoots in the past, but lets just say they never came to fruition. He told me it was for a book he'd written. My initial though was OMG I can only imagine! 50 Shades of Andrew! As he described the books subject matter, I have to say I was impressed with his honesty and openness about his personality disorders. So much began to make sense. As a psych major this only confirmed and rather contextualized my every suspicion, the experience that I had with him and what so man others have described.
Weather this is another attention seeking hustle and he's using him self due to his own smug sense of self importance or born of benevolence, doesn't matter. If you know Cristi, the book lends insight to understand him. Perhaps not every one w/ the same conditions, but it definitely brings clarity to his murky personality and the AC experience. Everyone that I know who knows him agrees this may not necessarily be akin to Hemingway's memoirs. He may not be the best writer, but they all agree that it is indeed honest. I never though I would be coming to his defense, but like him or his book or not, how many people are willing to put their true personalities (fallacies and all) out there for the world to scrutinize?