Thursday, April 28, 2016

Cardi B - Foreva

Kinobody Natural? 100% PROOF HE IS FULL NATTY BRAH!

I don't know Kinobody I'm not a fan of his and i've never purchased anything he's selling. I'm not here to argue wether he's on or off gear. I don't give a fuck it doesn't affect my life.
OK let's assume for a moment that every thing you say is correct. This guy Kinobody, is on gear and he's taking advantage of newbs etc. Ok fine I hear you. He's totally using youtube to make money. Ok. He's clearly not the only one out there doing this. There's an entire industry that does this. Every single magazine photo you have seen for the last almost 20 years has been altered and photoshopped.We know this. Why the Fuck are you so fixated on this single individual. 10 videos bro 10. You sound like a lunatic. WTF is with the obsession? Is in mental illness, pernicious anemia or are you just mad you don't get to suck his dick? Whatever validity you have goes out the window when your obsession leads you to take things over board to the point where you're saying normal testosterone levels are low. Now you're misleading the public. Why are so many youtube fitness vegans such fixated mean spirited cunts? Is that a requirement to be a part of the cult. I followed you and VG (I refuse to say his name or drive viewers to his page) because I had a genuine interest in the benefits of the vegan lifestyle. Instead of finding a majority of videos on said subject, I'm faced with what I can only describe as obsessed stalker type dick riding closet homosexuals riding on the coat tails of more popular youtubers to get views which I can only assume make you money. Wait gasp have I possible cracked some sort of code here. Could it be that you make all these videos not one or two educational expose videos but what has become a plethora of stalker like videos, because lets face it you guys sure spend a lot of time watching videos of people you claim to want noting to do with, do you do this because you're making money of the money they're making or are you just actually desperate to get their attention in anyway you can? Either way in my book you're acting like a jealous bitch! There are a lot of women who are blinded by some man's pretty face or some bull shit he spews. Speak your peace and if they listen great if not Let them fools follow those fools Otherwise you come off like you're just a jealous bitch.

Reiq Sketchbook Nov 2010

YouTube Is Changing

Like a certain youtuber of a particular dietary persuasion who shall remain nameless because I refuse to give him views or drive viewers to his page, that loves to attack other youtubers?
I commend you Matt but, you do realize people love a shit show you need not look any farther then reality/ ratchet tv.. there's a reason it's taken over. We went from MTV's Real World to Housewives & other Ratchet TV of the like.
The more mainstream anything gets the more watered down it gets in its purpose it message its validity the greater the mass appeal the more dumbed down it gets.
Surprise, people are stupid and love stupid shit.
If you read the comments you'll find they are generally assholes and now you don't have to be that creative to create cost/benefit of technology... any asshole with a phone can create ...now what they create...that's another story.

Trini Trent TV: VH1 Presents Out in Hip Hop