Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sittin here doin #2
Thinking bout you
how it's been a minute or2
A minute since I laced u
Kinda like my sex life
Been a minute since I had a taste2
Kinda like a coke fiend
been a minute he Ain't had a taste 2
Gonna crash soon
in a minute hell be a fiend
Then there won't a minute 2waste boo
I need a fag I need a fag I need a fag
Preferably menthol
Love you nicotine especially with the C
That's what a fiend tell you
I can tell how long he's been using by his face
i call that FaceTime
Especially when they main line
Lost his money all his time he wasted
runnin in circles
to the dealer
to the ATM
To the dealer
An back again till he run down his wasteline 2
life is a waste2
Just wanted 2
get wasted
Now who
woulda thought you
Woulda thought you
Could be the one to
Chase the dragon
kiss the dragon
and out pace it 2
Beep beep
Mutha Fukas!
You must be dreamin runnin in ya sleep MFs
Roadrunner runnin the streets
Mad Max runnin these streets
Got the masta blastsa case these fools bring heat
Thou shat not pass
So do not mistake me for conjurer of cheap
tricks I'll eat
each and every one of you eminems
in the bed
upside down against the wall
no time to bawl when you givin me head in the streets
But like I said you must be day dreaming
Thou shall not pass
Thou shall get no ass
I ain't got shit 4u
i must say my dear
i must pass
that means no dick4u
So keep it moving like the secondhand on a clock
This dude must be tripin
Had to remove a second hand off my cock
Had to put my hands around him like a wrist and a watch
Didn't let got till his eyes look they would pop
Someone call 911 or the cops
Cardiac arrest
Inside his chest
His heart just stopped
I don't know look at his eyes they swol up like his heart just popped