Sunday, June 20, 2010

Don't Drop The Soap

Don't Drop The Soap

Monday, June 7, 2010

iPhone 4(Part One)

(Part One)
June 07, 2010
Its june and and every one, in the know, knows 3 things. Schools out for summer, It's gay pride month and June is when Apple traditionally releases their new iphone. I barely even get a chance to blog, translation gloat about my beloved new 64GB 3G iPad when Apple today announced that in one week they will be accepting pre orders for the much awaited and most speculated about and scandalized iPhone, yet, iPhone4.

This is the iPhone that the iPhone was supposed to be.

If I'm gonna maintain my cool kid status At uni Im gonna have to get one! Now! That and the fact that I have an iPhone 3G which will not support one of the most important key features always lacking on the iphone, multi tasking. The crappy 2 megapixel camera that should never have been is less than inadequate is replaced with a 5mp one. Although ip4 sports a 5MP camera it falls behind the new Droid which offers an 8MP camera.

The Camera & FaceTime
The most notable update on this model is a front facing camera with apple's video chat (think ichat mobile) service called FaceTime which for now works over wi FI and only ip4 2 ip4. We can expect that to change soon as Droid phones are expected to do so without restriction very shortly. It's also likely apps from Skype AOL & Yahoo, possibly even google will surface. If the pass Apple's App vetting process which it may not allow these functions. And what will the carriers have to say?

Much like cut and paste, the ever elusive and long awaited multitasking has finally arrived to the ip4. Multitasking won't be available on iphone 3G only 3GS
iPhone OS4. All these features you can expect will eventually find their way to the iPad.

Retina Display
Striving to satisfy more than just our basic gripes, Apple has developed a new ultra vivid ultra sharp display dubbed the Retina Display. It boasts a 960x640 resolution and uses the same IPS technology in Apples Cinema Displays. The ipads vide out put is 1024x768. The ip4 has nearly the same amount of pixels squeezed into nearly 1/6 the screen size.
Doesn't it all just make you drool?
That's the idea.

[Update ATT Qualified Customers
New iphone customers are subject to credit check while Current ATT customers are subject to ATT's ambiguous qualified customers. Apparently Only if your contract ends in 2010 will AT&T allow you to upgrade your iPhone. When I learned of this, I immediately checked via their website and regardless of the fact my bill is prepaid and I've maintained a credit on my acc for the last 6 mos., I do not qualify for and iP4 upgrade. :( AT&T failed to give any explanation but simply offered an upgrade to iP3Gs.
I've refrained from writing the big bad brother AT&T article... But I feel several coming on. Im not a huge fan of AT&T, I was a happy Cingular client until well you know, and I bought my phone from Apple, so I payed them a visit. They told me I was good for an two upgrades at discounted rates. :) They'd be happy to sell me an ip4 & activate etc. if they weren't sold out. :( AT&T probably was just being compliant with Apple and hadn't updated their website; until several days after the announcement. Dozy Fuckers]