Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I will murder you in a free style
murder you ev-ree-way
fly pass you on the free way
matter fact you kin have a 3 lanes
Cuz I'm flying higher than air waves
You can't even see my air plane
I'm in ya head like an ear pain
fukin w/ me bitch you muss be in-sane
You faker den Auto Tune
Fuck around and get yah brain re-ranged
I'm hitting like free base
runnin circles like home base
Nuttnin but trouble
You could call me Chevy chase
I don't need to paper chase
Crush You like and asteroid
Use you Like Dan Ayk_o_royd
Leave ya nose bleeding like hem-o-roids
you ant nutting but a nat 2 me
digg out ya man - fuck up his anat-o-my
Now tell me who's annoyed
I'm a mac bite me aint fuckin wit no android
aint fukin wit no little boys
you like a fat peedo in a speedo
i aint fukin wit ya little toy
outcast big boy call me Mr. lewd boy
Son you like them rude boys
I don't need no speedo I sun in the nude boy
Big Dick Stay Fit Talk shit
bitch you can eat shit
You didn't know who you was fucking wit
No open ya mouth and get 2 suckin BITCH!


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Twisted Tortured Minds

This is a space where I often have to put faggots on blast. Why? Because A) I'm not the one you wanna bring your bullshit to and B)for some reason these bitches have some sense of entitlement that they can just say and do whatever they want. Especially on the Internet because it's not face2face. Additionally, C) So many of us have issues due to growing up gay, daddy didn't love me, mommy was overbearing and demanding, too much attention,not enough attention, I was molested, living a closeted /double life and countless others that too often lead to D) drug and alcohol use and abuse as a form of escapism or simply to numb the pain. People don't realize what party drugs like X cocaine and meth do to your mind.

This is your brain
This is your brain on drugs

Remember that?
I always thought growing up how corny. Unfortunately its hella accurate. What may seem like a simple night of fun can lead to a lifetime schizophrenia and schizo like symptoms other mental disorders brain damage and worse. I won't even touch upon the crack users except to say that every one weather you've seen the drug or not knows what a crackhead looks like. Yet, I know several Dr.s lawyers and nurses who think they're immune to its effects.

Unfortunately for them but, fortunately for myself ( well I didn't think so at the time) I have dated every kind of addict there is. So I recognize these Twisted tortured minds even with out my training. Even still I must warn these cunts w/ issues or just filthy cunts not to bring their sand to this beach.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Looks like Umma have2
pass on tagging up that ass boo
Sorry cant run up inside you
Especially when I know um being Lied2
Got a pocket full of posers
But they don't phase or amaze me
I dont love em i dont fuck em
I just pluck em N toss em the wind like Daisies
I mean dandy lions
I ain't lying I don fuck em I just buck em cuz bitches be sick like rabies
These bitches can go to hell cuz they can't spell hades
Can't stand when men act like bitches these fuckin faggots seem to live to be shady
But you ain't fuckin slim you ain't fuckin him so leave that shit to Eminem The only thing u got that's sim is you candy coated
Artificial color and flavorin
Sweet like saccharine
Fake like the Sims
You kin eat my sharts shits n farts No Simps No lisa No Barts
You leave a bad taste like Tarts
Ice queens no hearts
I would rip you one by on but I I dont even know where 2 start

The Yard

The Yard
So about a week ago I caught a little show called the Yard in Hulu.
In a word BRILLIANT! I absolutely LOVE this program. It's smart funny well written and speaks to both adult and young audiences at the same time. HOWEVER I do have one issue with this program especially after catching my second episode.
So here we go let the rant begin.
Why is the only brown boy on this show an idiot perv who not only thinks invisibility rings and X-ray glasses work but uses them to violate the young (all white) group of girls and shits himself.
I'm all for the strong woman archetype but why is the only tan (Hispanic looking) character,
the only non white girl on the show the bed wetting enforcer who loves to fight
WTF Kind of stereotypes are you reinforcing here?
For such a cleverly written original program I'm greatly disappointed in their lack of creativity on this front.
What's worse is like I said before this program speaks to adults as well as young kids. Kids will watch this and look for themselves in the characters. If you're a white kid there's a variety of archetypes to choose from. Good & bad. The popular girl, the leader, the thinly veiled skinhead bruiser, the girl jock.
Sadly if you're a non white child this program says your a looser a bottom feeding, pervert idiot thug with no self control.
That Is All

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Untitled: (How I feel right now)

Everybody want a share of the cake but dont nobody wanna stay n help me bake
Don't nobody wanna share in the weight
Put ya hand down bitch
it's goin down
bitch-your too late
Till the last minute nobody told you 2wait
I was looking 4 real hommies str8 out da g8
Do or die hommies kuwait
I stand alone sovereign St8
Don't sleep Freddy Kruger
German Luger
I'm takin ooover
While you faggots debate
You fuckin loosers suck like Hoover
freakin secrets um blown da hinges off Da G8
Call me Mr McCarthy cuts I'm huntn you bitches down and deciding ya F8
Fuck all dem bitches Dat h8
Claiming friendship but you faggots are fake
You don't want the beef
Bitch you'll get eaten like stake
Vampire MurhaFukas you kin git da steak
I wouldn't let you suck my dick
Even if it was small enough to fit in ya face
I call my dick nelly carter
Cuz it's a fatty & bitches wanna taste
I wouldn't let you lick da rapper
Bitch GiveMeABreak
Talking kit kat
I ain't
No matter how you beg n plead
Stay on you knees till they bleed & worship me as a saint
U be lucky if I skeet in yo face
Leave you drippin like paint
My dick so big if I gave you taste
You be tripping like Mace
an pass out
You be ass out
like a prison bitch who got his ass
Passed out n turned out
But I anit fuckin wit u
Cuz Dat ass is burnt out