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Stars Who Need To Realize They Aren't Famous Anymore

Like he wasn't already Famous
Interesting the parallel to Taylor Swift ...But I'm willing to bet you won't say Kanye made Taylor Swift Famous
Are they trying to say Kyle made that bitch Famous?
So wait she made him famous and now he's not famous?
APPARENTLY Niki isn't so swift

may not have a hit single in the US but but she's fuking HUGE globally
Just like an American to believe the world revolves around America & American Fame
Perhaps Nicki missed the Adidas Deal, Black Widow was #3 on the Charts in 2015, was a judge on X-Factor2015,
Graces the May 2016 Cove of Lumo VOGUE, Was at the MET GALA in VERA WANG, 2016
Spotted partying with Justin Bieber literally last night...(JUNE1)implicated in the biggest sex scandal since the Kim Kardashian Sex Tape and you say she's not famous anymore...
Um yeah ok
Reaching Much?
5.64M Twitter Followers
So are you actually stupid or do you just play stupid on youtube ....?

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Mr Vegas Explains His Feelings on Drake

Mr Vegas Explains His Feelings On Drake Hot97 

Let me paint a picture for you
The year is 1985.
Michael Jackson is the biggest star on the planet. Not just the biggest star the planet has ever seen. He puts out a song that has a vibe from this new emerging stye of music with its own culture called Hip hop coming out of a small market in NYC. 

In all his interviews Michael say in his soft MJ voice.
You know..
I really love hip hop...
Its just... so wonderful and delightful
No no really its amazing 
I just adore the culture the style of dress and the music 
That's why I had to incorporate it into my music and music videos and work with the artist 
They're so talented
I just I love it!

But when you look at Mikes records Quincy Jones receives credit the song with let's say Madonna she gets credit and so on. Yet He does 3 tracks with hip hop artists ( of the culture he claims to love so much) yet none of them get credit.
That's a little more than fucked up. Its the very definition of a culture vulture.

Let's take this a step further one could say well you know Mike is black and that Hip hip even thought it was coming out of a small market mainly the black community of NYC. Mike is black an it's black American music. This only further's my point. Let's level this out
Same year same situation the artist is now Madonna
Now we're talking about appropriation
Like "Miley Was Good" 
Like the same shit Iggy A takes for doing hip hop which now has become the Popular music of not just the US but the entire globe so Arguments could be made that they are hip hop and they have every right to participate. And how would Miley Cyrus look not crediting the Hip Hop artists she works with like Juicy J etc. CRAZY
The irony is that the same people criticizing Iggy for cultural appropriation are giving Drake a pass
But Drakes Black you say...
He's not Jamaican and he's not a part of the culture so in this case that singing Cultural appropriating Canadian bitch is Madonna.

+NileValleyDreams Writes
Mr. Vegas has issues with the fact that Drake is professing his love for dancehall and the reggae culture, he sampled several dancehall/reggae artistes and did not give them any credit.  
Whilst, he sampled artistes from other genres and gave them credit.  Hence, Mr. Vegas is contending that Drake is hypocritical, opportunistic and exploitative...

+Tony Wills Writes 
salute to mr vegas he it kept 100 from start to finish, ebro wasn't tryna hear it. Yanks been using music styles from Jamaica dance hall scene and uk's grime scene for years and now that its being brought up (because social media proving ya'll takin our styles) yanks get sensitive. We know u created rap and we honor it but dont deny that american rap hasn't  been influenced by other cultures drastically in recent years.

Response to:
+Tony Wills 
I was with you till got to Grime...
1. Hip hop is a direct descendent of Dance Hall Period (Agreed)
2. Dance hall has been sampled and used in all forms of American music (Agreed)
3. Hip Hop in general has always been influenced by other cultures particularly the ones that embrace it. All you have to do is look at how hip hop has change as it moved across the US and into other parts of the world. 

Peep the time line:
"Slick Rick" ( Nov 1988) "Monie Love" (October 30, 1990) Cypress Hill (1991) "Big Pun" (April 28, 1998)
 "Eminem" (1999) "Diams" (2003) "Plan B" (2005) "Die Antwoord" (2007) 
[Not bad that was off the top of my head had to google the years but chronology is correct]

Shit even Drake (2006) is a result of hip hops global/ cultural expansion. There have been singer rappers before but one might look at an artist such as LAUREN HILL (1996,1998), Plan B, Diams, NELLY (2000) and say hey was Drake influenced? We Know he likes to byte Styles. Rule #2in hip hop after Rule #1 Write your own shit! Irony, he's not a Yank as  +TonyWillz puts it.

4. Grime is a sub genre of hip hop and like Hip Hop has indeed been used in other forms of music (agreed)
But to say that US Hip hop is stealing "taking our styles"  when all your styles are derivative 
You cant claim I'm in your lane when you're driving on my Highway
Hip Hop exists with out grime but Grime can't exist with out Hip Hop.

Inevitably some fuckboy fan boy will attempt to come for  me saying I'm shitting on grime which is not the case so...
This is the part when I have to say NO SHADE TO GRIME I'm not Azealia Banks. This is just some history and thoughts and  Facts.

If you don't know who 95% of the artist mentioned are you don't have the right to comment. Please submit your hip hop card for destruction. 

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Nicki Minaj Vs Safaree: Safaree Sues Nicki Minaj After Meek Mill's Birthday

Nicky V Safari
No One Knows What Goes On Behind Closed Doors
I love how people are picking sides and going in on each other when
1. No one really knows what the law suit states or is about
2. No one really knows what their relationship was like

What we do know
1. She's a mad aggressive chick
2. There are multiple videos posted by her on youtube right now where she all but punches him in his face....and that's just the shit she put out...
3. She didn't claim their relationship for 10+yrs but dropped him to get with what the youtube comments are referring to as
"The L King" He never once tried to tarnish her name and he TOTALLY could have yet some how he's "unloyal" (some of y'all need to brush up on your English) Disloyal.
4. You can't go at a chick for verbal/ physical abuse and have a rap career. If a woman beats on a man cuts and scratches etc some how that's ok but #DoubleStandards
5. What's that line She has about coming at you with a knife?
Stans help a brother out
6. If he was gonna sue her he should have done this already.... #TooLateGang
7. Love and Hip Hop loves to stir the drama pot so this might be a part of that
8. None of this is confirmed so for now it's all rumors

Funny thing I had an uncle (asshole) he always said...
9. There's two sides to every story.
He has a younger brother.... He always said
10. Theres 3 sides to a story
Yours, Mine & The Truth.
These kids are going at it like they actually know the truth.#SMH

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"No single food macro nutrient is responsible for poor health"...That's pretty accurate.
He's talking about VG (he who shall not be named) and people who ride bicycles are skinny and talk crap about others (as you said)
This is literally the very first Vegan Fitness Youtuber I've seen who wasn't exactly as Kinobody described
For about two years now I have been looking for information on Vegan bodybuilding and eating in general. The aforementioned as well as some other vegans of the same disposition were the only ones I came across. Unfortunately, instead of finding helpful information in the from of tips tricks recipes etc, all I found was obsessive hate speech about other youtubers and condescending rants about inhumane meat eaters and animal rights. All of which is ok to a degree but not what I was looking for and not exactly the best way to win people over to your cause. People love drama so they tune in for the drama then they leave. Other than that you're preaching to the choir and those that might benefit from your message get turned off and tune out.

Well done on this video Sir.

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Spectacular 20ft Off-The-Grid Tiny Shipping Container House

Spectacular 40ft Small Shipping Container Home

Collider News: ‘Star Trek’ TV Series Filming Dates & Location Revealed

This CBS cash grab is going to sink what will probably be an awesome show. Yes a lot of fans will pay for the extra service but will that really be enough for them to justify continuing it's existence? Sadly i think not. Look forward to it being canceled "due to lack of interest/ ratings" The real reason will be no one uses CBS's streaming service, no one will know about it and only about half of those that do will be willing to cough up the cash for yet another streaming service ...one no-one really wants anyway.

How Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Should Have Ended

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Iggy Azalea Thinks Beyoncé's "Becky" Line From 'Lemonade' Is Racist

Becky is a "stereotypical white girls" name this is true Becky is usually a name associated with a white girl of means and status or a Valley girl. Now this may be a stereo type but it's not one created by or used exclusively by blacks and certainly not a racial slur. It was created and perpetuated by Hollywood & the American media which the last time I checked was not controlled by blacks. #OscarsSoWhite #Again The (black written) TV Show Empire goes as far as to play with this stereo type by naming the very dark skinned blonde weaved Gabourey Side's character proclaims "what? My mom's white" in response to her name being Becky.
Using Becky is hardly then same as Shaynaynay, Saynaynay is a horrible characature of ghetto girl stereotypes like Catherine Tates Lauren or Little Britain's Vicky Pollard (who are white) youtube them you can thank me later. Furthermore, Becky was not targeted at anyone specific or any group, it was used to describe an unknown character who may very well be fictitious.
This comes down to context & knowledge of cultural vernacular. "You better call that white bitch you been fucking" is racially insensitive for sure but even the context affords it some slack and is not a reversible situation. You don't see a lot of white girls going to the extreme to meet the standard of beauty as say a Lil Kim who stated "I'm insecure...every man I've been with has cheated on me with women who have more European features" She was always made to feel not good enough. Notorious BIG longtime friend and lover dropped her to marry Faith "Becky with the good hair" Evans a fare skinned black woman with more European features whom he hardly knew. Look at her now Literally the same weekend Lemonade drops so does Kim's new look. This is why the situation doesn't work in reverse and complaining Becky is offensive, even if is, is petty. The term describes a woman of affluence who is recognized as the GLOBAL STANDARD OF BEAUTY. There's a huge difference between that and referring to someone as the most ratchet character one can think of.
...The irony is thats lost here is Becky is probably NOT a white girl
Black people do not refer to white people as having "good hair" they refer to mixed race/ native american/ east indians. "Good hair" is reserved for people of mixed heritage. "Oh you got good hair, you got indian in yo family?' The term actually implies a softer textured black hair.
Another interesting thing of note is Iggy has never had a problem with this before Beyonce's use when hip hop the field she's constantly being accused of misappropriating has used the term for literally decades. Not only in the song flashed here but that very song including that line was sampled not too long ago by Niki Minaj. If she truly had a problem why is this the first time we're hearing about it. Could it be that she has a new project out?

The Amazing Art of Akihito

Fans stunned by Lil' Kim's new look~ Your F*kn White You have no MELANIN...

"More blonde"..? Uh No. Like this is the first time Kim has done blonde and hello roots?
"Making her hair lighter" are you serious? With all the shit she's done to her self you've gonna come for her hair The woman who has worn literally every single color in the rainbow hair and damn near all of them in a single video

Why does every one feel so bad for Kim? Does she not look happy is it NOT HER LIFE to live and or fuck up? Or are people just upset that she's not what they want her to be. When people tell you who they are in life you need to listen.

It boggles my mind that people can't tell
5:55 these are different times of day different make up different lighting
6:24 the pic of kim next to Mariah Carey she's only a few shades lighter this photograph is from the 90s Yea take a good look. Kim latest selfie is in a white room and obviously is using some sort of ring flash/ beauty dish/
Note there are no shadows and most every thing is blown out
Who compares a pic of a 41 year old who has been known to have some work done to their 17/18 year old self
I'm starting to wonder who's really the sick ones here
I don't get the surprise there are pics of kim straight up looking like the cat lady ....too much work leads to more work.... yet the discussion has never been about her shifting features or the numerous surgeries or the alleged body sculpting it's about a shitty not very well lit pic from over 20 years ago as compared to what's clearly an over lit photo with makeup that's much lighter
Where's the reason?

4 Ways To Turn Insecurity Into Confidence - Mindset Monday


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Cardi B - Foreva

Kinobody Natural? 100% PROOF HE IS FULL NATTY BRAH!

I don't know Kinobody I'm not a fan of his and i've never purchased anything he's selling. I'm not here to argue wether he's on or off gear. I don't give a fuck it doesn't affect my life.
OK let's assume for a moment that every thing you say is correct. This guy Kinobody, is on gear and he's taking advantage of newbs etc. Ok fine I hear you. He's totally using youtube to make money. Ok. He's clearly not the only one out there doing this. There's an entire industry that does this. Every single magazine photo you have seen for the last almost 20 years has been altered and photoshopped.We know this. Why the Fuck are you so fixated on this single individual. 10 videos bro 10. You sound like a lunatic. WTF is with the obsession? Is in mental illness, pernicious anemia or are you just mad you don't get to suck his dick? Whatever validity you have goes out the window when your obsession leads you to take things over board to the point where you're saying normal testosterone levels are low. Now you're misleading the public. Why are so many youtube fitness vegans such fixated mean spirited cunts? Is that a requirement to be a part of the cult. I followed you and VG (I refuse to say his name or drive viewers to his page) because I had a genuine interest in the benefits of the vegan lifestyle. Instead of finding a majority of videos on said subject, I'm faced with what I can only describe as obsessed stalker type dick riding closet homosexuals riding on the coat tails of more popular youtubers to get views which I can only assume make you money. Wait gasp have I possible cracked some sort of code here. Could it be that you make all these videos not one or two educational expose videos but what has become a plethora of stalker like videos, because lets face it you guys sure spend a lot of time watching videos of people you claim to want noting to do with, do you do this because you're making money of the money they're making or are you just actually desperate to get their attention in anyway you can? Either way in my book you're acting like a jealous bitch! There are a lot of women who are blinded by some man's pretty face or some bull shit he spews. Speak your peace and if they listen great if not Let them fools follow those fools Otherwise you come off like you're just a jealous bitch.

Reiq Sketchbook Nov 2010

YouTube Is Changing

Like a certain youtuber of a particular dietary persuasion who shall remain nameless because I refuse to give him views or drive viewers to his page, that loves to attack other youtubers?
I commend you Matt but, you do realize people love a shit show you need not look any farther then reality/ ratchet tv.. there's a reason it's taken over. We went from MTV's Real World to Housewives & other Ratchet TV of the like.
The more mainstream anything gets the more watered down it gets in its purpose it message its validity the greater the mass appeal the more dumbed down it gets.
Surprise, people are stupid and love stupid shit.
If you read the comments you'll find they are generally assholes and now you don't have to be that creative to create cost/benefit of technology... any asshole with a phone can create ...now what they create...that's another story.

Trini Trent TV: VH1 Presents Out in Hip Hop

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He was frozen after WWII so maybe he doesn't know how to talk to black people

Did he call you colored or something? 

Is that the Negro Panther? 

What did you say to me? 


Fun Fact Spider-man had animated Eyes before there was a Deadpool...see Erik Larson's Spiderman 1990's and since Deadpool is actually a combination of several Comic characters one of which being Spider-man and Erik Larson being a contemporary of Rob Lifeld (Creator of Deadpool) .... you see where I'm going with this? Now some people may say yeah but that was ages ago and I will refer you to Ultimate Spider-man (comic or animated) and as we know MCU is based greatly on Marvel ultimates i.e. Sam Jackson as Nick Fury.

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Freaks Vs Aesthetics !!!

Single-Payer Universal Health Care Explained

Transgender Bodybuilder Gets Fired from Multi-Million Dollar Supplement ...

Apple Confirms March 21 iPhone SE & iPad Pro 9.7” Event!

Is this kid serious?
you can't see why apple would back track?
Let's think about this for a moment...
Although Apple copied samsung and co in making a larger phone and then a yet even larger phone.
Those other companies offer phones in a variety of sizes, unlike Apple which forces you to buy the big and bigger phone as there are no other options if you want to remain in the iOS family and have an updated ( not up to date) phone...and..here's a thought. Not everyone wants a Phablet for a phone especially when you already have an iPad etc. Personally, I replaced the screen on my iPhone 4 3x and didn't upgrade to a 5s till the 6s (which i didn't want) was out and only because my 4s was stolen...Why? because I'm not 16 or 86 and my main viewing screen is not my phone and my vision is fine. If i want to watch movies its not going to be on my phone. I like my phone to function first as a phone then if i need to catch something quick i'll watch a video or kill time with a video game ,but If i'm doing something that requires a lager screen... that's what and iPad or mac book for. If you need a bag or large pockets to hold your mobile phone it's not really mobile is it. Besides all my girlfriends had to get new purses just to fit their phones.. but the bigger the phone stashed away in a bag or purse the more reasonable it seems to buy an Apple watch. hmmm and just wait till constant use of that big ass phone causes a generations worth of carpal tunnel #JustSayin

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Anchor Upset Beyoncé Wants “An Overthrow Of White Domination"

Take Down of Tomi Lahren and Her Rant on the Beyonce Super Bowl Halftime...

The Weeknd's Dinner Disaster At West Hollywood Restaurant

It's petty and stupid to us mere mortals but that's the Hollywood culture....There are a lot of things in American culture that are petty and stupid to the rest of the world yet we get bent out of shape about it. #perspective Your world view doesn't represent the world's view. #DonaldTrump once sued The New York Times for calling him a Millionaire and not a Billionaire...(he lost btw) it means nothing to you but in their circles it's everything. #OscarNominee

Jaden Smith is the Face of Women's Fashion

Beyonce's 'Racist' Music Video REACT & REVIEW

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Beyonce's in Trouble Now.. People Are Planning An Anti-Beyonce Rally Bec...

I don't see how this is a slap in the face to whites or racist...I can see how it can be perceived by racists as a slap in the face. She's a Back artist who performed a song that celebrates her backness and used historical black imagery in a performance that took place during Black History Month. End of...I doubt she thought it would be so inciting or any of the other black artists that were were present. It's not even like she sneak debuted the song it was already out for a couple days and i"m sure the NFL (a bunch of white people) previewed the song and performance prior to the 1/ 2 time performance... Some racist white people hyper react and suddenly she's SuperBlack Woman taking whites stacks and using it to give em smack... Come on Knock it off. It's not that deep.

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Martin Shkreli Interview With The Breakfast Club

"I'll never tell a lie in my life"

So did we just get Olivia Poped I feel like we got Olivia Poped

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Adidas Yeezy 3 Rant: Breakdown Of All Yeezys

And have those Haters are trying to get a pair
Nike Hypebeasts crying that the Nike Yeezys are godly but the Adidas are trash ..would they still be saying that if he were at Nike? It's likely that the same designer would have similar ideas = similar shoe...Eg. Tom For For Gucci YSL...different but the same...
Most of these Collaborations are just the Artists/Athletes picking of pre existing bodies design features or even full designs for approval with their name on it ... the same goes for some of these so call fashion designers with a 100 assisants a good deal of it has to do available technology and production capabilities innovations (boost)

Alien 3: Why It Didn't Work

Why it didn't work.....for this guy maybe.
I had my issues with Alien3 but wouldn't say it didn't work...
I think is was pretty good actually especially considering we never thought we'd get another so Ripley killing herself was totally what she would do
i like the Prison Planet concept Monk merger
no way out now weapons ups the stakes
At the end of a day they're called Daily's
A lot of films go through a lot of bullshit with studios interference Speaking of Fox Fuckery... Fantastic4 (2015)
Alien3 was not bad and not "not bad"
It was good....a gothic horror action film hmmm sounds like Alien and Aliens combined = Alien3
This film gets so much shit because they killed off Newt and Hicks and with great disrespect
Nobody wanted to see that like the starters prequels this was not the Sequels we were looking for (see what i did there...) unlike the prequels IT DID NOT SUCK.

Hey in the style of Aliens they can always say Alien3 & 4 were just a horrible dream!

The Alien Saga in 5 Minutes!!!

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Top 10 Most Iconic Sneakers

YouTuber "Baby Scumbag" Arrested For Sexual Exploitation Of 12-Year-Old

The problem with the youtube community self policing is they majority of the viewing community especially of youtubers like BS are adolescents. Expecting adolescents to be accountable responsible, since when has that ever worked? The problem with youtube getting involved is what he doesn't on youtube isn't technically illegal and they don't wanna get caught up in censorship drama and the bottom line is when he gets 700k Followers and x amount of views that affects their bottom line. At the end of the day this is a business and for them it's good business. Every one wants to restrict the internet like tv etc.for the sake of the children...The internet has long been what it is we all know this has been traditionally the home of freaks and lets just say it can be a dangerous place..Technology is becoming more an more pervasive in the way we live but Just because technology is available doesn't me it needs to be accessible to our children especially when they understand and adopt it faster than we do. Eg. Snapchat 1st blew up not with young adults not Highschool teens but middle schoolers and what do you think they were using it for? If you can't police your children if you can't limit their access then you shouldn't have them or at the least you shouldn't give them unfettered access. Where were his parents? where were that girls parents? Where are all the parents of all the kids watching and encouraging this? Why do either of them have access to be in contact with complete strangers via the internet in the first place? Obviously, the adults that encouraged this are disgusting and deserve what they get...but why is youtube responsible for the protection of YOUR children? The internet is a vast and varied frontier you don't let your kids runaround unsupervised (maybe you do) but here kid here's and iPhone here's and iPad have at it. If you don't what your kids are watching on youtube then you don't know what they're watching on xtube.