Wednesday, December 12, 2012

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Pics w/ 2chicks....seriously?
On Grindr....seriously?

Saturday, November 24, 2012


You know you were right
I have to offer All apologies
Please accept them please
I shouldn't judge who you are
I want you to Come As You Are
I was in denial
I feel Dumb
Wanna feel numb
Where my Lithium
I'm not half the man I used to be
Something in the way
Oh well whatever never mind
I'm locked in a heart shaped box
Screaming rape me rape me
And I heard the man who sold the world
Set the lake on fire
And it smells like teen spirit
And I'm living off of grass
And the drippings from the ceiling
So call your friends and load up on guns
Time for a good beaching
Too much fecal matter
And brain splatter
Never mind it doesn't matter
Change that unhappy face to one smiling in the sun
Easily amused
In the sun
Take your time
In the sun
You won't be late
Come as a friend
We're not like them
But we can pretend

Monday, November 5, 2012


If im not number 1
then im not the 1 BITCH
I am superman
I will never be a side kick
I am the whole meal
I am not a side dish
You can eat that shit
That shit is bullshit
I ain't trying ta sit around like a side kick
Get treated like a side bitch
Bitch I ain't no crackhead
yea I take it up the ass
But you will never screw me
I already told u whats my deal
Already told you how I feel
MF thought you said that you knew me
I can see inside the future
No ruby
When I look inside it
I can see you ain't really real
N I don't need no psychic
To see you aint excited
You chasin after dude
like Dat hobbit
Better yet habit
Call you spike lee
He's gotta have it
Like u need a bad hit
I ain't even mad
I am not a savage
Gwan an git what you wanna have
if you really wanna have it
I don't hand cuff So
Go on and try 2 grab it
Ain't waitin round
4 u 2 cum around
I am better den average
Time 2 say goodbye
Now you're just somebody that I used to know

Thursday, November 1, 2012


So here's a good looking guy in shape what strikes me as strange is why is 35 the max age for a man of 38? In his defense I did speak with him but I can't ref that convo as I've been banned from Grindr ;(

Sunday, October 14, 2012


We was headed for the top son
They used to call us Top Gun
That's how we used 2 ride son
2pea in the pocket plug in the socket
Duces in the cock pit
That's how we used to rock-it
Used2 ride shot gun
Now you say it's not fun
U wanna go solo
No longer duces
He on that dolo
Lost cause no hope
Just give em mo rope
Let him tie his own noose around his own throat
Watch him dance like Go-go
Let you replace me Ridn shot gun
With yo double barrel shot gun
I let you take your shot son
Man I even copped one
Now I hear you taking shots son
I ain't even vex I just let you pop one
I even let you pop 2
I ain't even try2 stop you
And when you stop to reload
MF thas when I got you
Thought you was BIG
Now MFs askin
Who Shot you

Monday, September 10, 2012


user Pic 1user Pic 1user Pic 1

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sittin here doin #2
Thinking bout you
how it's been a minute or2
A minute since I laced u
Kinda like my sex life
Been a minute since I had a taste2
Kinda like a coke fiend
been a minute he Ain't had a taste 2
Gonna crash soon
in a minute hell be a fiend
Then there won't a minute 2waste boo
I need a fag I need a fag I need a fag
Preferably menthol
Love you nicotine especially with the C
That's what a fiend tell you
I can tell how long he's been using by his face
i call that FaceTime
Especially when they main line
Lost his money all his time he wasted
runnin in circles
to the dealer
to the ATM
To the dealer
An back again till he run down his wasteline 2
life is a waste2
Just wanted 2
get wasted
Now who
woulda thought you
Woulda thought you
Could be the one to
Chase the dragon
kiss the dragon
and out pace it 2
Beep beep
Mutha Fukas!
You must be dreamin runnin in ya sleep MFs
Roadrunner runnin the streets
Mad Max runnin these streets
Got the masta blastsa case these fools bring heat
Thou shat not pass
So do not mistake me for conjurer of cheap
tricks I'll eat
each and every one of you eminems
in the bed
upside down against the wall
no time to bawl when you givin me head in the streets
But like I said you must be day dreaming
Thou shall not pass
Thou shall get no ass
I ain't got shit 4u
i must say my dear
i must pass
that means no dick4u
So keep it moving like the secondhand on a clock
This dude must be tripin
Had to remove a second hand off my cock
Had to put my hands around him like a wrist and a watch
Didn't let got till his eyes look they would pop
Someone call 911 or the cops
Cardiac arrest
Inside his chest
His heart just stopped
I don't know look at his eyes they swol up like his heart just popped

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Online Etiquette 101: Got Pix

When some one asks you to send a pic and you send a pick of your dick or ass or asshole, it's like sending a pick of your foot or hand unless you're trying to say you are a dick or an asshole.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Got Bitches

Bitches I got Bitches
Got so many bitches you woulda thought I bought n sold bitches
Got Young bitches Got old bitches
Whip their hair like wil-low bitches
Flip they hair like Farah Fawcett
Mr Water faucet
Got Hot n Cold Bitches
And my bitches stay on
from dusk till dawn
I Thought i told bitches
...I'm mean
Beat em wit a rolled magazine & tell em
Better Sit shake & roll Bitches
Thought I told bitches
I dole bitches
I will black jack Dat ass
Den fold bitches
Now play dead bitches
Only fucks with pure bred bitches
Magazine cover & center fold bitches
Bitches can get the dickn
nutten come between us but a rubber when we trickin
I magazine center fold bitches
When I give em deep dicken
but bitches will never see my riches
So when I'm finished treatn
Thanks for the piece bitches
Time to hit da streets bitches
git the fuck up out dis piece
n go hit the stroll bitches
America's got talent
Time to climb the fuckn pole bitches
All I know is...this
Better come back wit my dough bitches
Or at a couple grams at least B
Or you gon be like Daddy No!
Jean Bonett Ramsey
Beat Dat bony ass
Ram a bone up Dat lonely ass
as I bone you in grass
the way I beat these bitches down
Could call me Chris Brown
wit out the grammy
Eat these Lil bitches like Eminems
Too hot 2hold Bitches
GTF up Out my kitchen
Gordon Ramsey
But this ain't TV
ICU but you can't see Me
Bitches Can't run Bitches can't hide
from my hardon
Daddy omnipotent
All seeing eye
Ain't got no rings 4 ya finger
Got some Things 4 ya Ta Deliver
So what you hide n Fo Bitches
Anywhere you try2go Bitches
Daddy already know Bitches
You in Danger like Dat mouse N Penfold bitches
Since you had2run
now its ten fold bitches
If the Feds come
Put em to bed son
Cuz ery body know Some
...bitches will turn snitches
Call me Jay-z Son
Cuz I'm on to the one
I seed n sew Bitches
So its time 2 git mo bitches
You already know boyches

Monday, July 2, 2012

Woke Up Wit a woodie

Woke up wit a woodie woodie
Wish I had some goodie nookie
Love it when it's good n gushy
Aint talkin Josie and the Pussies
Alone so I gotta pull n push me
Need some lube to slip a finger in the tushie
No need to worry I know it's clean and sweeter than a chocolate tootsie
Guys Fantasize about this chocolate bootie go slow mr turtle
too much teeth Mr Owl
suck it don't bite it
It's not a cookie
In my eyes I want you to look me
Do that again an umma have ta beat ya like bookie
Like dem crooks out in Brooklyn
so play nice like you playn hookie
Heard you was a hoe so I know you not a rookie
But you bite it like a newbie
So stop trying to beat it up like the cops b4 they try to book me
Once we got things str8
str8 to heaven where he took me
Ready to shoot like an Uzi when u do me
When um done loosie goosie
You want 2 hang here's sum rope now tie the noosie loosely Time2 get loopy like Lucy
Ricky You So mean
Auto asphyxia autoerotica
David Carradine Hong KongFooey Chop u like suey Kung Fu
I could see da fu-ture
Fortune cookie
Lookie Lookie Ms Cleo
Im going in call me Neo
I'm the One Lo Hago Frio
Tony Montana Al Paccino
Todo el mundo es mio
I'm in your bed like a freaky
Call me Tio
Now give me head make it good
Mamma mio
Make me sing Like Skeelo
Bulging like a speedo
Ready 2 skeet skeet skeet
So take it real slow
Too late here's a free load

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Recon Buyer Beware

So I've been a boot boy all my life. Yet it's not until recently that I actually claimed skin. There are several reasons for this but that's for different article. About 5 years ago I discovered recon.com and thought sweet! Here's a community I can get with and meet more manly men like myself who are into the same music scenes & dress like I do. Especially since the skin scene kinda died with the punk scene in NY. To my dismay even though the recon site I joined was world skins. True SkinHeadism still seems to reside mostly in the UK and scattered through out the US, taking some very bastardized forms in the US. Still I've managed to meet and make friends with a few cool skins a couple of which I'm proud to now call brother. Outside of that what I've found is mostly a bunch of fags, mostly queens in drag, playing dress up. As you well know by now, I am NOT that kind of homosexual.

But, Speaking of dressing up, Building a skin wardrobe these days can be expensive and sometimes difficult to pull off. Skinny Braces have always been difficult to locate. Prior to "This is England" coming out and H&M and American Apparel jumping on and exploiting the skin fashion that inevitably turned up in high fashion after the films release; I was coming the back streets of NYC to find them. Finally I found a little chinese man with a tiny shop who carried 1/2"braces for $10 and 3/4" braces for $12, usually in very limited colors. Y'all know I love repn' my black and yellow. He's since gone out of business.
I've noticed the fashion trends in the aforementioned behemoths changing. H&M is going with a wider stripped versions and Am Apparel no longer displays braces in their shops at all. Although I've been told they still stock them in the back.

Boots and Alphas don't come cheap in general. There are many shops & Army Navy suppliers with ridiculous mark ups. All one has to do is browse the Recon store to have your mind blown. I'm all for supporting my local and online queer businesses but, I am a working class guy and a student who has yet to arrive. Recon seems to have done a great job of marketing the "skinhead look" to fags around the world.
Unfortunately these so called skins turn out to be more FetSkins than anything else. Now i know what you're thinking...Bitch you're all about Fetishism. True but for me the two are separate. Im a skinhead with fetishes not a guy who is interested in skin as a sexual fetish. They tend to be richer gayer queens who get off on dressing up for the sexual thrill or to feel as if they are macho macho men. This week its skin next week its leather. Yet they strut around as if the world is a runway any they are Naomi Campbell calling one another gurl. I am a skinhead who dresses skin in all aspects of my life because this is not just a lifestyle it's my life.

Communal Rape:
I Cant really blame Recon as it is a business and they have done well for themselves. Sponsoring parties and fetish balls & functions they have managed to grow their business and online community. However, if you look at their price structure and whom they cater to, they seem to have created yet another bastard child of the skinhead culture.
Perhaps my perspective is a bit skewed because I live in the US. But I also live in NYC, one of the most expensive cities to live in.
This article is not meant as a bash Recon rant. I just felt it necessary to point out to actual skins, likely queer if you're reading this blog,
the raping of our community by our so called community.
Like I said before I'm all for supporting my local and online queer businesses but I'm not rich and I'm not stupid. I don't mind paying $160 for a pair of 14 hole flight boots at my local leather shop that I know full well I can purchase for $140 or even $120 at my local work wear supplier. An extra $20 isn't going to break me. But I'm not paying $186.31 for an Alpha Flight MA-1 jacket that I can purchase for $79-89. Yes folks that's more than TWICE the RETAIL price. Then you gotta pay shipping and handling. GTFO. A pair of 20 hole whatever brand they're pushing right now (recently it was Grinders now its Underground) will set you back $148.72 -$164.37. I picked up my 20eye Doctor Martens off Amazon for $108 with free shipping. The magic number for tipped Polos is $62.61; $70.45 if its Tom Of Finland. I was in the Ben Sherman shop in Soho (Tourist Trap) and i picked up some polos for about $30 bucks each on sale. Granted it was 30-40% off but if I'm gonna shell out that kinda dough it better well be for Ben Sherman or Fred Perry. Remember those braces you could pick up for between $10 and say lets stretch it to $15? They're gonna cost a whopping $31.30 off the recon site. Yes again well over twice the retail price kids. More than three times my Lil Chinese guy. And apparently fags are coughing their hard (or not so hard) earned cash to get ass raped.
I'm done.

PS. To be fair & in their defense recon does carry a pair of 1/2"braces @$15.64. I would be remiss if i didn't mention a pair of bleachers can be bought for $92.37/ £59. But why buy them at that price when you can buy a pair of vintage Levi's, Lees, Dickies etc and bleach them yourself like our parents did on the 60s-80s. A pair of Levi's 501 new at the Levi's store will only set you back $64 on average. Wranglers and Dickies can be bought for $13-20 @ your local K-mart. Bleaching methods are not difficult or complicated and can be found on local youTube.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I will murder you in a free style
murder you ev-ree-way
fly pass you on the free way
matter fact you kin have a 3 lanes
Cuz I'm flying higher than air waves
You can't even see my air plane
I'm in ya head like an ear pain
fukin w/ me bitch you muss be in-sane
You faker den Auto Tune
Fuck around and get yah brain re-ranged
I'm hitting like free base
runnin circles like home base
Nuttnin but trouble
You could call me Chevy chase
I don't need to paper chase
Crush You like and asteroid
Use you Like Dan Ayk_o_royd
Leave ya nose bleeding like hem-o-roids
you ant nutting but a nat 2 me
digg out ya man - fuck up his anat-o-my
Now tell me who's annoyed
I'm a mac bite me aint fuckin wit no android
aint fukin wit no little boys
you like a fat peedo in a speedo
i aint fukin wit ya little toy
outcast big boy call me Mr. lewd boy
Son you like them rude boys
I don't need no speedo I sun in the nude boy
Big Dick Stay Fit Talk shit
bitch you can eat shit
You didn't know who you was fucking wit
No open ya mouth and get 2 suckin BITCH!


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Twisted Tortured Minds

This is a space where I often have to put faggots on blast. Why? Because A) I'm not the one you wanna bring your bullshit to and B)for some reason these bitches have some sense of entitlement that they can just say and do whatever they want. Especially on the Internet because it's not face2face. Additionally, C) So many of us have issues due to growing up gay, daddy didn't love me, mommy was overbearing and demanding, too much attention,not enough attention, I was molested, living a closeted /double life and countless others that too often lead to D) drug and alcohol use and abuse as a form of escapism or simply to numb the pain. People don't realize what party drugs like X cocaine and meth do to your mind.

This is your brain
This is your brain on drugs

Remember that?
I always thought growing up how corny. Unfortunately its hella accurate. What may seem like a simple night of fun can lead to a lifetime schizophrenia and schizo like symptoms other mental disorders brain damage and worse. I won't even touch upon the crack users except to say that every one weather you've seen the drug or not knows what a crackhead looks like. Yet, I know several Dr.s lawyers and nurses who think they're immune to its effects.

Unfortunately for them but, fortunately for myself ( well I didn't think so at the time) I have dated every kind of addict there is. So I recognize these Twisted tortured minds even with out my training. Even still I must warn these cunts w/ issues or just filthy cunts not to bring their sand to this beach.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Looks like Umma have2
pass on tagging up that ass boo
Sorry cant run up inside you
Especially when I know um being Lied2
Got a pocket full of posers
But they don't phase or amaze me
I dont love em i dont fuck em
I just pluck em N toss em the wind like Daisies
I mean dandy lions
I ain't lying I don fuck em I just buck em cuz bitches be sick like rabies
These bitches can go to hell cuz they can't spell hades
Can't stand when men act like bitches these fuckin faggots seem to live to be shady
But you ain't fuckin slim you ain't fuckin him so leave that shit to Eminem The only thing u got that's sim is you candy coated
Artificial color and flavorin
Sweet like saccharine
Fake like the Sims
You kin eat my sharts shits n farts No Simps No lisa No Barts
You leave a bad taste like Tarts
Ice queens no hearts
I would rip you one by on but I I dont even know where 2 start

The Yard

The Yard
So about a week ago I caught a little show called the Yard in Hulu.
In a word BRILLIANT! I absolutely LOVE this program. It's smart funny well written and speaks to both adult and young audiences at the same time. HOWEVER I do have one issue with this program especially after catching my second episode.
So here we go let the rant begin.
Why is the only brown boy on this show an idiot perv who not only thinks invisibility rings and X-ray glasses work but uses them to violate the young (all white) group of girls and shits himself.
I'm all for the strong woman archetype but why is the only tan (Hispanic looking) character,
the only non white girl on the show the bed wetting enforcer who loves to fight
WTF Kind of stereotypes are you reinforcing here?
For such a cleverly written original program I'm greatly disappointed in their lack of creativity on this front.
What's worse is like I said before this program speaks to adults as well as young kids. Kids will watch this and look for themselves in the characters. If you're a white kid there's a variety of archetypes to choose from. Good & bad. The popular girl, the leader, the thinly veiled skinhead bruiser, the girl jock.
Sadly if you're a non white child this program says your a looser a bottom feeding, pervert idiot thug with no self control.
That Is All

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Untitled: (How I feel right now)

Everybody want a share of the cake but dont nobody wanna stay n help me bake
Don't nobody wanna share in the weight
Put ya hand down bitch
it's goin down
bitch-your too late
Till the last minute nobody told you 2wait
I was looking 4 real hommies str8 out da g8
Do or die hommies kuwait
I stand alone sovereign St8
Don't sleep Freddy Kruger
German Luger
I'm takin ooover
While you faggots debate
You fuckin loosers suck like Hoover
freakin secrets um blown da hinges off Da G8
Call me Mr McCarthy cuts I'm huntn you bitches down and deciding ya F8
Fuck all dem bitches Dat h8
Claiming friendship but you faggots are fake
You don't want the beef
Bitch you'll get eaten like stake
Vampire MurhaFukas you kin git da steak
I wouldn't let you suck my dick
Even if it was small enough to fit in ya face
I call my dick nelly carter
Cuz it's a fatty & bitches wanna taste
I wouldn't let you lick da rapper
Bitch GiveMeABreak
Talking kit kat
I ain't
No matter how you beg n plead
Stay on you knees till they bleed & worship me as a saint
U be lucky if I skeet in yo face
Leave you drippin like paint
My dick so big if I gave you taste
You be tripping like Mace
an pass out
You be ass out
like a prison bitch who got his ass
Passed out n turned out
But I anit fuckin wit u
Cuz Dat ass is burnt out

Friday, May 25, 2012

MaskCumPiss - XTube Porn Video - lederschwein


Thursday, May 24, 2012

GotMFs in aFrenzy
I loveBeef IDontWannaMake AmendsB
I got enoughFriends B
WAIT...I hadSuttinWitty
NEWay #ShameAboutWhitney
Pitty- fullOfShitOutRightShitty
Buggn @DaClubLikeIAintBrought AStitchAShameOutWitMe
WhenHes WithOutMe

#LWO #LewdWorldOrder #LewdWorldOrderWedneday #LewdLifeBrotherHood #LLBH

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

sling_fist - XTube Porn Video - mosfistuni


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Making of Skinhead Boy - XTube Porn Video - smellysockgr

#SkinHead #FilthySkin #TheMakingOfASkinHeadBoy #LewdLifeAfterDark

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Friday, May 18, 2012

You be the Judge

My profile Clearly stated 
PicLess Profiles Will Be Ignored 

Now, on the internet, you never really know who you're talking to. Even when provided with a pic, you never can be sure that the person in the pic is the person that you are typing to, and are possibly heading out to meet, fuck or if you're a trusting soul, turn up at your door. Those of us who have been hooking up since the days of Netscape and AOL dial up, are far to familiar with this scenario. Who hasn't met up with the guy who looks nothing like his pic because it's 20 years old, or because he's using someone else's pic. But, its like 20 years later, everyone and their mom has a smartphone or at least a picture phone. If you're using one of these GPS Based Social Networking (SN) apps clearly you have either a camera equipped smartphone,  iPad or iPodTouch. That being said in a day and age of the Digital Revolutions Digital Revolution (if that doesn't make sense you're just not old enough to understand ask someone over 30)... when everyone and their mom has at least a picture phone there is no excuse for you not to have a picture. 

-"iPad1 & Older Touches Don't have cameras."
Then ask your mom, a friend, or a coworker to take a pic and e-mail it to you. Fuck I've had strangers in Times Square ask me to email them pics. 

-"Well I don't have a personal Email and I don't feel comfortable giving out my work email"
Email is free and if you can get online to look for dick or what ever is your pleasure then you should at least equip yourself with the right tools. Really? I can't believe these are actual argument folks have made.. How many ways can I say, I'm not interested. 

-"Yeah but some people are private or their work doesn't allow for them to post picture on the net (inter or mobile)."

 True but then i really don't need to talk to you. I respect your right to enjoy your "Privacy" 
The bottom line is right now most people have Smart Phones which means they have Face Time or Skype or some other Video Chat Service Available. Nobody's asking for head2Toe Nudes (banned by Apple as main photos), we are talking head shots people. If you can't produce a few reasonably clear pics of your self; 
  • A. How do I know you are you?
  • B. What's my incentive to talk to you in the first place?

Especially, if you live 100miles away for me. Not that I don't appreciate having fans globally & I do. Yet there is only one italian couple that I met while in NY via a GPS based SN App that I keep in touch with over said SN. There are too man other options for keeping in touch with anonymous characters. Which ironically enough each have their own #app4That. I don't mind having a chat with someone around the globe. But the same rules apply, security doesn't get looser the more of a stranger and the farther you are away. I am from fucking NY.

The whole purpose of using GPS based Social Networking apps is to find guys locally. my profile will usually reflect that says Do you but as I respect your right to be a weirdo a on the DL a cheater closet queen or your simple "privacy' then...

  • C. You must respect my right to tell you to #FUCKOFF when you approach me with a proverbial bag over your head trying to chat me up when I have No Paper Baggers Tattooed across my forehead.
I'm done

N.O.V.A. 3 For iPhone

If you read this blog or even skim it, you can see i love my gadgets esp. my Apple gadgets and apps. GameLofts (GL) NOVA (Think Halo), is famously my favorite game to play on the iPhone. I have profiled both NOVA and NOV2 on this very blog. See previous posts for notes on how awesome this game is. Most recently GL released a version of the game "N.O.V.A. Elite" to be played on Face Book. Elite was met with disapproval and contention from many players, myself included when there was no iPhone release. i have not played because...
FB is the Devil 

So I was excited to see the alert badge on the NOVA icon on my ip4. I was even more excited when it took me to the App Store. 
You can expect a full review of N3 in the coming weeks. Damn now I really have to beat the boss in "Inner Hell" (Last Level N2).

Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday, April 30, 2012


I'm not into Fems either and I also like my Men Masculine. However I'd never put that in a profile.
I'm like the least PC MF out there but why queers seem to feel the need to cut others down unnecessarily is beyond me.
But, thanks for letting us know you are an asshole and insecure about your own masculinity ahead if time.

Indecent proposal

This Guy had no pic. This is what he messages me.


You B The Judge

You be the Judge

Again y not focus on WTF you ARE looking for and NOT insulting specific groups of people. If i kick you in the face with my steel toes for no reason, then say I'm sorry will it hurt any less? I happen to have met this guy b4 and yeah he's about as much of a dick as he comes off here. (It was a long time ago n just didn't work out so no this isn't some kinda bitchy revenge blog) It always amazes me how much fags discriminate and how adamantly bitchy they can be, when they are so often on the receiving end. ESP this one being deaf or whatever his disability is. (He wears a hearing aid and sounds like that deaf bitch from the L Word) I take no issue w/ deaf people, I even learned some sign language in order to date a deaf guy but that's besides the issue. The issue being you aren't better than anyone no matter what to momma told you. Not to mention you live in a fucking Asian neighborhood AssHole! How the fuck do you sound?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

What Makes Me A Skinhead

Honor Brotherhood Pride
I Love my boots I love my Bredren I love my Country
The Fashion the Music are not as essential as the Spirit.
One Can be too poor to purchase boots or Fred Perry Ben Sherman Flight Jackets & the like, and still have the heart of a skin.
If you haven't been exposed to the music Oi Ska Reggae etc How can you know you're in love with it?
Aesthetic is just that. Regardless of the fact that I love my boots feel naked w/o my braces.
Personally, for me It was a discovery of self of sorts. Growing up in a Jamaican family in America that regularly visited England, the music was Reggae Ska & Rock Steady. I was always proud of my history "roots" if you will. I love the music
The women are mostly nurses and the men, Military men turn rude boys.
Draw Your Own Conclusions.
It wasn't till I was older and Away from home that I began to realize that all the bits of life that I loved culminated into one single fact.
I am Skin
“A real skin does not choose to be a skin, they discover that they are a skin. It is not just a fashion statement; It is the way you feel and act and express yourself. Skin is in the soul.” 
-Damian Lewd

True To The Skinhead Cult:

True To The Skinhead Cult: The Argument About Oi-Band Stomper 98

Sebi and his friends are constantly in trouble. They always have to explain themselves. “I’m really fed up with waffling,” he rants, “but if there’s a brawl with Nazis, I’m in the front row.” (Quotes from an interview in German newspaper “taz” http://www.taz.de/!33174/ ). Sebi plays in Skinhead-Band Stomper 98, who are often named as a fine example of cultural Greyzone. To blame is the internet, German newspaper “taz” believes, because there was a snapshot floating around the internet showing Sebi together with a Neonazi, posing for the camera. Indeed there’s more facts on and photographs of Stomper 98 that are worth being scrutinized.
Sebastian “Sebi” Walkenhorst comes from the extreme Right. Around 1990, at the age of 16, he joined the right-wing Skinhead scene in Delmenhorst (near Bremen). Two years later he’s the bass player of Nazi band Boots Brothers and consequently an active Neonazi, spreading propaganda via music and interviews and helping to fashion the Neonazi world. Moving to Goettingen moves him away from the right-wing scene and lets him discover the multiethnic roots of the “Skinhead cult”. In 1998 he founds “anti-racist” Oi-band Stomper 98. Walkenhorst is a drop-out that doesn’t have to deliver what other drop-outs are expected to do: self-reflection on his way of life (which he seamlessly and almost unconfined transferred from right to anti-right), and, most of all: to break with and burn all bridges to his former scene.

A Time Trip Back To Younger Days

April 12th 2008 was kind of a trip to the past, if only for a few hours. Boot Boys Hildesheim (see page 16) who are riddled with Neonazis organized a concert of right-wing rock band Indecent Exposure. Shortly after the event photos of the event were uploaded to a private website. One of these photographs shows Walkenhorst arm in arm with Jens Brandt, head of Germany’s senior Neonazi-band Endstufe, both raising their fists to the camera. Confronted with the photograph Walkenhorst explains the concert to him had been “like a time trip back to my younger days” – the time when he got to know Jens Brandt. “When the 4-Skins uncorked a surprise and played some of their old songs there was no stopping us, it got out of control”. And in this loose atmosphere, the snapshot “just happened”. Walkenhorst acts contrite, yet defiant: “Nevertheless we’ll do like the band that played the moment that snapshot happened: “We won’t say say sorry to anyone!”
In October 2008 79 page “Red agitation pamphlet” documented facts on and photos of Stomper 98 in order to prevent the band’s 10th birthday party on November 15th 2008 in cultural centre “Conne Island” in Leipzig. But Conne Island’s main booker vouched for the band, the concert took place, and Stomper 98 and the Templars played cover versions of “Boehse Onkelz” songs – their “old” songs. On stage next to Walkenhorst that evening: Michaela J. of Bootboys Hildesheim.
The liaison between members of Stomper 98 and Bootboys Hildesheim at that time was obviously much more intense than Stomper 98 are willing to admit. Bass player Tommy Toxpack posed for a photograph wearing a shirt of “Riot Crew Bootboys Hildesheim”. On November 1st 2008, two days after Stomper 98 had accused their critics of “contorting and manipulating things” the next Skinhead party took place in Hildesheim. Three members of Stomper 98 were present and so was Heidi S., then living in Goettingen and a member of the local Neonazis’s inner circle for years already. One party pic shows Stomper 98′s Tobias Flacke (git) in intimate togetherness with Heidi S. Everybody knew who she was or could have easily identified her as a Nazi by the triskeles (sort-of three-armed swastika, often used in place of the outlawed original) tattooed on her face in place of eyebrows. Few months after that party Flacke will declare: “Our band’s circle of friends and acquaintances is free of right-wing vermin! We don’t even tolerate them ourselves.” (Ox magazine)

Fundamental Consensus: Anti-Racism

In April 2009, Tobias Flacke states in an article in left-wing newspaper “taz”: “There’s only one fundamental consensus (…) and that’s anti-racism.” To act as a referee, “taz” doesn’t fail to mention that Flacke was once a member of the green party and a member of the common borough of Bad Iburg, but left the party as a protest against the foreign deployment of the Bundeswehr in Afghanistan. They also mention his cousin being a member of the Linkspartei. “Guilty by association” – they despise that line of argument when it’s used against them and embrace it when it serves to clear themselves of suspicion. In an interview with Ox magazine, Lars Iversen (bass) comes up with something even better: “Colour of skin doesn’t matter, what’s important is this: are you a Skinhead or not? Being a Skinhead alone is a sufficient statement against fascism and racism.” Question settled, full stop. Whenever it get’s hard to prove that Stomper 98 simply cannot be right-wing that’s a job for Phil Rigaud aka Phil Templar. Based in New York and working as a health professional he’s the drummer of Templars and Stomper 98 and, rumour has it, volunteers his time to care for the homeless. And he’s black. Still he could be compromised with pictures and stories very similar to those of Walkenhorst. A glance at Rigauds Bands shows why.

The Black Drummer And His Bands

Stomper 98 is part of a close-knit circle of bands that share labels, splits, CD appearances, stages and musicians. Phil Rigaud plays a major role in this. Around 2000 he was the drummer of US-Band First Strike who in accordance with the US Right’s values sang: „Red scum, we say hang those bastards high (…) Red scum, soon you’re gonna fuckin’ die, you got no American Pride“. Rigaud disclaims any responsibility for spreading right-wing ideology. After an interim breakup in October 2008 Rigaud masterminded the return of First Strike in a concert together with the Templars and Spanish right-wing bands Ultimo Asalto and Glory Boys in New York. Rigaud is a founding member of the Templars (1991) and sat in on the release of “The glory it once was” in 1997, in which the band displays xenophobic, social Darwinist views: „Fuck the third world let them starve (…) Fuck trade wars, we’ll close our doors, Fuck immigration we’ve got our own population.“ The Templars and Stomper 98 cultivate their friendship since 1999 when they did a split-EP and played many gigs together. The Templars were also guests of honour at the band’s 10th birthday party which took place at the Conne Island.

“Unpolitical” Made Easy: Battle Zone

Stomper 98 still cling to the Skinhead-cult and successfully work at becoming a cult band themselves. The extreme Right is an accepted part of that cult, as long as they’re authentic Skinheads and able to put their politics second – even if it’s only for one night. That’s the law that Stomper 98 have submitted to. That’s why they have arranged themselves with Heidi S. Apart from that, a merely formal commitment to be “unpolitical” is enough to prove integrity. Is there another way than this to explain their concert with the Templars and “cult band” Battle Zone June 2008 in New York? Battle Zone come from the hardcore English Neonazi-scene and broke up in 1994 after an internal disagreement in Blood & Honour’s network. Bandleader Alex Ellui left England under pressure of Combat 18 and emigrated to Peru in 1999 where he set up Battle Zone anew, only this time with Peruvian musicians and as an unpolitical Oi-band that “only wants to make music”. Ellui pretended to have abandoned his racist views. When “his” musicians were unable to get a visa for a concert in the us in June 2008, he “borrowed” guest musicians from the Templars and Stomper 98. The gig was announced in Gothic type as “ISP Blitzkrieg 08″. Battle Zone played under their old name and their old band logo, only their “old” Nazi lyrics were, according to their own statement, toned down. Rigaud had alredy played for Battle Zone in 2006 at a concert in legendary NY punk club CBGB. “Cult singer” Alex Ellui proved how serious he was about walking way from the extreme right-wing skinhead scene by playing a concert at “Skincore-Fest” in Rio de Janeiro with Endstufe and other extreme right-wing bands.

Cult Icons Too: Indecent Exposure And 4 Skins

“The photo exists, it was a mistake and i have drawn my consequences. It’s not gonna happen to me again.” says Walkenhorst in an interview with Ox magazine about the Jens Brandt “snapshot”, but his answer is ambiguous as to what exactly was the mistake and what consequences he will draw. Maybe he won’t attend another 4 Skins concert, particularly because he doesn’t like their 2010 CD “The Return”. In a review Walkenhorst wrote for Ox magazine, he says the lyrics of the song “Take no more” are nothing but “a sequence of “shite, prejudices and waffling of old, unsatisfied barflies”. One line of the song reads: „Immigrants overrun our land, Benefits office with an outstretched hand. Competing for our homes and jobs, begging in their gypsy mobs. Our country is full, fear the worst. Shouldn’t we put our own people first?“ At first, any well-assorted punk mail-order stocked that CD, then it got weeded out by some after reading the booklet. Some do still sell it today. Bandworm records, one of the market leaders in the “Street Rock’n’roll” sector even advertises the album as a “very good job”. The return of Cult-band 4 Skins is a side project of English band Indecent Exposure together with Gary Hodges, a member of the original 4 Skins’ line-up in the early 80s. Indecent Exposure – the band that played the Hildesheim concert where Walkenhorst and Brandt had their little time trip back to their younger days – can be assigned to the extreme right-wing milieu of RAC (Rock against Communism), which raises the question why he attended at all. So far Walkenhorst has not voiced any criticism on Indecent Exposure, although their songs “Save the Nation” or “Rocking the Reds” are just as openly right-wing as for example “Take no more”.

Meet Stomper At The Regular’s Table

The image of the male heterosexual fighter and the rejection of everything perceived as different or weak are the pillars of Stomper 98s construct of values. Even their attempts at taking up the topic “police” result in utter crap. In “Ochsensong”, a “man” accuses a “bull” (“the bulls”=”the fuzz”) of venting his frustration on others, cheating on his wife in brothel and warns the audience of the bull preying on their asses. The refrain is reminiscent of a popular terrace chant: “All bulls are gay, all bulls are gay, from Goettingen to Liverpool”. When real men party hard, the presence of others, Hippies for example , is undesired: “Hippie womens’ unshaven legs make us cry (…) Hippie-kids’ dirty faces make us puke (…) all the rest is chanting, the atmosphere is great, the Hippie’s got a bottle stuck up his ass.” The lyrics of Stomper 98′s 1999 song “Hippie Hit” mirrors the right wing’s prejudices of left-wing countercultures in form and content: it ridicules their diet, degrades women that don’t conform to society’s beauty standards as well as the good old “Go and wash yourself, you make me sick”, combined with a fantasy of sexual humiliation of “the Other”. The subcultural regular’s table takes care of society’s problems and has solutions: “Bring back the pillory, death will come as a release (…) string the bastard up, let justice take its course” – excerpts from Stomper 98s song “Paederast”. Of course the song’s lyrics are being misunderstood once more: “We are explicitly AGAINST the death sentence! “string the bastard up” and “bring back the pillory” are only a metaphor for what’s going on inside of oneself”. That’s how Stomper 98 explain their eight year old song in October 2008 after being accused of supporting the death sentence. It’s remarkable how in all those years almost everyone seems to have failed to understand the alleged meaning of the song.

He Who Pays The Piper Calls The Tune

Apart from their striking efforts to distance themselves from Nazis, racism or “the fuzz” and in spite of their anti-racist and antifascist self-conception Stomper 98 subscribe to a canon of values reminiscent of the late hours of a party at the Schuetzenverein, when a regular grabs the mike for some ultraconservative stand-up comedy. The band’s links to the extreme Right are not just pardonable unthougtfulness, they’re inbuilt. However Stomper 98 have a lobby extending far into the allegedly left-wing cultural business. When the band came under pressure they started a large scale public image campaign on their own account. Ox magazine provided them with plenty of room for self-portrayal, meanwhile Walkenhorst has become an author. April 13th 2009 German newspaper “taz” printed an article titled “The pride of the working class”, a complimentary report that reads like a Stomper 98 statement. MAD tour booking, rooted in Berlin Kreuzberg, champion them and so do others that regard them as a cashcow. Their tenor as usual: It’s only exaggerations, rumours, one-sided viewpoints, the boys are alright.
If it wasn’t for that disastrous photograph of Walkenhorst and Brandt, many “left-wing” locations would not even have bothered to question a Stomper 98 concert on their premises. “The internet’s to blame for all this bullshit” taz and Stomper 98 announce unisono. Wrong. It’s Sebi and his friends who are to blame alone. But to accept responsibility for “all this bullshit”, to question their own values, to stop squirming their way out, to stop self-victimization and shifting the blame to others would be a sign of personal development. And that wouldn’t sit well with the Cult.
This is a translation of “Dem Skinhead-Kult treu”
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    One of the most difficult part of fighting the rightwing,is to know who they are or why are they labelled right-wing. Before reading this, I knew Stomper98 was a bounch of rightwinger, but I was unable to explain why or to argue about it with anybody. Great text, it would be nice to have more text like this one.