Wednesday, July 28, 2010

iPhone 4 (Part Two)

Iphone4 part 2
July28, 2010
(Youtube video: HTC EVO V iphone4)

So i'm standing on the mile long line that leads to the other mile long line @ the apple store and I'm wondering WTF am I doing here. Oh yes right iphone4, I must have the iphone4. Really i can't afford it and though I don't make it a habit of celebration birthdays, Ma Dukes was rather generous, so it's not on my dime. Waiting on this line however, is on my and someone else's time.

D8 dinner
Can't call other iphone3g battery is dead
But I'm kinda pissed and not really sure how that's going to work out so here I am on this fucking eternal cue trying to ensure I get Something good out of this day.

Who Knew, this would take so long the iPhone4 came out what 2 months ago 3. Whatever million sold "Antennagate" as a deterrent.
Finally 1.5 hours later I have it. My iPhone 4 is in my hands I've got no pics and no music but I've got juice, bars and HD Video a ridiculous screen 5MP camera rear and front facing!
The first thing I attempt is to make the bars disappear..... I can't. I try the so called death grip again and again as I walk from fifth toward lex. Nothing, kewl not like I'm complaining but now I know why the call it the death grip. You have to hold your phone like you're trying to strangle it for a while for the bars begin to drop. WTF Are you kidding me who the fuck holds their phone like that!

The second thing I do I'd try to get in touch with my D8..... Voice mail. WTF.

Birthday dick
I hit CP 4 cruising indulge in a few hot scenarios
My date calls
I scream @ him from 59th to 72
We peace it up and make plans to talk later.
Heading out I get a phone call.
David:    "Happy Birthday!"
Me:          Hey dude long time no speak!
David:     Thanks you're my first received call on my new iPhone 4!
Me:          Hello... David, hello?

(Youtube video: HTC EVO V iphone4)

Shit call dropped.
I call him back.

David "Am i your first call dropped on your new iphone4"