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Foreskin Restoration

About a year ago I was home watching TV when I came across a program on Showtime that caught my attention, Pen and Tellers Bullshit. I had never seen the show but was aware of who they were so I let it roll for a minute. The premise of the show is these two guys
Penn & Teller, do investigatory reports on various topics. The topic of this episode was circumcision, a procedure I am opposed to. My interest peaked when the topic of foreskin restoration was introduced. I am circumcised and around the age of 7-13 OK 7 I was already sucking cock by then. I began realizing something was missing and have since become increasingly dissatisfied with the fact. My family is not of the US so "it" didnt resemble any of the others I felt lucky enough to have glimpsed. So what's a guy to do when he's been snipped and it's 7 and 13 years later then 20? I always thought not much outside of drastic expensive surgery. So I settled into my life joining the ranks if the other millions of mutilated men. Apparently, I thought wrong. Tugging is the process of tugging or stretching the skin of the penis by witch the foreskin can not be restored but replicated. The excess skin functions the same as the foreskin. Minus much of the sensitivity. Still, much sensitivity can be restored. I know it sounds crazy but apparently this works. There are support groups comprised of both str8 and gay men who have undergone and are undergoing the process. There are also an assortment of devices designed to assist in the process. One such device are Foreballs, a weighty device that resembles a miniture dumbell. One rests against the head of your cock and the skin pulled over. The skin is then taped to the bar and the other "bell" produces our "tugging"as it hangs. Another device is the Tugger. It works on a similar concept as the Foreballs. Most of these products are available via mail order and cost between $120-$200.

I began the tugging process some time last year (about 9 months ago) and have gotten visible results. Even without a committed daily regimine. I mainly use the manual method at least twice a week for 15-30 minutes. Thirty min to an hour if possible. Pretty easily done considering I usually spend at least that much time beating off daily. Over all tugging is simple inexpensive and relatively painless just remember to get
surgical tape if your're taping and moisturization is important for a healthy stretch. I have recently incorporated occasional pumping into my process. It helps loosen and stretch the skin. My ultimate goal is to have foreskin that covers the head of my hard cock. I'll keep you posted.

For more in depth discussion on
Foreskin restoration and tugging I'll provide links later but for now you can google key words FORESKIN RESTORATION. (MAKE SURE YOUR GOOGLE SETTINGS DO NOT FILTER YOUR RESULTS.

NORM: SUPPORT GROUP w/ lots of great in depth information & links.


Foreballs: PRODUCT

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Fuck Him Blogged by Drub Skin


August 9, 2009

Fuck Him

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He comes over in plaster caked jeans, those big brown steel toe boots, and that thin t-shirt that clings to his torso like a second skin. There’s a V-shaped sweat stain down the front of the grey t-shirt, and two on the pits that run down his sides. The name of the business has rubbed off so all you can really see is the word “Interiors”. I met him through my website. Sometimes having dirty art out there has it’s fringe benefits.

“Sorry I’m so sweaty, but I know you like that, ” he says with that shit-eating grin.

I just push the side of my mouth out with my tongue, half smile and grunt. He walks past me, down the hall and into my bedroom. I shut the door behind us kicking off my Kansas City Wizards shorts watching him kick off those big boots revealing those wide meaty socked feet and I go stiff. He sees what I’m looking at as he pulls off his dusty jeans and grabs the tops of his tube socks and pulls them tight up to his knees showing me the dirty, sweaty wide bottoms. Again that toothy grin. I grab his foot in my hands and push it to my face.

“Yeeeah!” He cheers me on, “Day 4 of wear. I guess I don’t have to ask you what you think.” He swats at my dick with his meaty paw and I flinch.

“You’re going to pay for that.”

He’s a good foot taller than me and probably works out just a little too much for my liking. He’s big. His feet are big. His dick is big. His mouth is big. He’s a scruffy, unshaven, sweaty, with this long bit of chin scruff. He tugs on his dick as he watches me lick and suck the sweat out of his socked toes and then grabs for the lube and lubes up his cock and starts plunging a finger up his ass.

“You weren’t kidding when you said you wanted it bad, huh?”

“Can you tell?” Grinning at me with his legs in the air and 3 fingers now jammed up his crack. “You’re mohawk looks hot dude.”

If I had a quarter for every time I heard that I’d be rolling in it. I grab a condom and slide it on and slather my length with lube. With his 3 fingers in there I push inside of him with both of us hammering away at his hole. He lets out this sound, which is kind of like a donkey but with his furrowed brow and chin fuzz, it makes him look like a goat with a monkey’s face.

“Slut.” I say flatly and I pound away, pulling my face out from his feet cupped in my face.


“Yeah,” I say forcefully. “You know you are. You love cock up your ass. You told me yourself. You crave dick. My dick!”

“Yeah?” he probingly asks again, hoping for more of my dirty talk.

“Fag. Faggot. Sissy. Pussy. Cunt.” I spell each one out for him and punctuate it with a hard thrust of my shaft.

“More. More!” He begs me and then he does this weird thing. He reaches behind me with his long monkey arms and pushes two really greasy fingers up my butt. I give him a smirk and bite my lip. He wiggles his eyebrows at me and I start laughing.

“Dirty. Fuckin’. Pig. Fuckin’. Nasty. Sweaty. Stinking. PIG. Rotten. Little. Fuckhole. Sicko. Pervert.”

“YES!” He throws his bald head back on the bed. “Yes! Yes! More! Look!” He shows me his big veiny uncut dick slapping it against his stomach leaving little strings of pre-cum. He lubes up some more and then this time reaches from between my legs this time and pushes 3 fingers in me.

“You little fucker!” I jackhammer his ass and he throws his head back again lets out this long howling grunt.

“Takes one to know one. I could probably put my big thick hand in you, you whore!”

“Keep that up and I’ll rip my cock out and replace it with my forearm!”

“No way,” he squealed.

I pulled out and his pucker drooled lube and winked. I grabbed his calf and in one swift movement, flipped him over onto all fours.


I grabbed my gloves and popped the lid to a brand new can of Crisco, scooping out a nice big ball of it to push inside this fuckers greedy little hole and then coated my hand and forearm. He looked back at me and said ’shit’ under his breath. His hole opened up so easy for that semi-soft ball of lard so I gave him another. The bastard is going to eat my arm.

Two fingers, three and then four went in so easy. I pumped my gooey fingers in and out of him and stealthily popped the thumb into my palm and began to fuck him on it. He kept rocking back on my hand getting used to it, or so I thought, and the whole hand goes in!

“Oh my god! How many fingers??”

“Um… all of them?”

“All? Like what?”

“My hand is up your ass, dude!”

“Oh sweet!! I’ve never gotten this much at once!”

I laugh knowing he’s probably taken some big things up there. So I let the pig bounce around on my hand and wrist, watching him gleefully take it and he sweetly reaches back and greases up my dick looking at my face as I watch him pig out on my arm.

“What?” I ask him.

“What time is it?” he asks me.

“Almost 7. Why?”

“Shit. Pull out. Shit. SHIT! SHIT!”

I do and ask him what’s wrong. He avoids the question and asks me to get him a towel, he has to shower. So he does, gets dressed and as I walk him to the door I ask if he’s ok. I clean up a little and put my shorts back on.

“Yeah. Yeah,” He assures me and then kisses me hard on the mouth with tongue, “I’m late is all. I have to go home, it’s me and my wife’s 6th anniversary.”

I stand there watching him from the door with my mouth wide open, getting into his big white truck, waving and smiling and then drives away.

You little fucker. I hope you read this.


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Lewdlife spawns from of the mind of New York Photographer & Graphic Artist Damian Lewd.

The Key is Artistic Expression, part Documentary part Fantasy lewdlife Includes Nudes Fetish BDSM Life style and Other Ideas & Concepts Otherwise Considered "LEWD" when compared to other Mainstream Artists.

Originally an artistic experiment that psychologically and sociologically contextualizes fetish in sometimes suggestive sometimes graphic imagery accompanied by Dictionary definitions. For example: The word Lewd (appears on the lewdlife.com web site splash page)

–adjective -er, -est.


preoccupied with exhibiting lustful desires.

inclined to, characterized by, or inciting to lust or lechery; lascivious.

obscene or indecent, as language or songs; salacious.

Lewdlife has come to represent just that. A fringe tribe spanning many different social and sub groups living outside of the boxes of social norms, going against the grain and brazen sexual freedom (or lack of, depending). We are bound by our "preoccupation with exhibiting lustful desires and our inclination to incite lust and lechery.

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Got Piss? : Part 1 Piss Pig

Got Piss?


If you know me, have read about or fucked around with me, you may already know that I love piss. It wasn't always that way but, a few years ago I arrived at the conclusion that I am a Piss Pig. I love Piss. Pissing, being pissed on, drinking and wearing pissy jocks, jeans and bleachers even the smell of public urinals give me an instant woody. My favorite is gagging with and chewing on piss jock pre-primed with piss & cum , dried and pissed on or in again.

The first time I remember tasting piss that wasn't my own is the 4th grade. There were these twins in my class who also lived in my neighborhood. After school they would take turns feeding me cock by the roadside. Of course when they got their nut my mouth flooded with not the milk I'd heard of but something like a hot salty lemonade, without the lemons. In retrospect I guess I enjoyed the sensation yet spit out the piss. Mother always did say "spit don't swallow". It wasn't till 20+ years later in a taxi that I swallowed a cock with the intention of taking piss down the gullet. Once the flood gates opened there was no going back and I didn't want to.

I love it when I'm digging a guy out, preferably someplace public, his ass is grabbing my cock and guiding me in deeper. I bury my cock to the nuts , pin him with my hips and unleash a golden geyser up his ass. By the time he knows what's going on I'm steady pounding the piss out of the punk. Too late to protest, piss runs down his thighs dripping over his calves and into his boots soaking the denims around his ankles.

"You're gonna reek of my piss when I'm done. "

"Um... can I get a shower?"

"FUCK NO! You arrived ripe, you leave ripe. Think of me on your way home tonight.
But you can leave your underwear behind. "

I wear the reeking rank scent of another man with pride. I used to have a past lover piss in a jar for me. We'd take turns leaving one another a jar and bathing in each others piss. He was required to wear at least my piss laden jock at all times, even to work. I go to work school the market or where ever marked by the scent of man piss, even if it's my own. The mix of sweat & piss keeps me hard all day.
I don't mind 8am trip home from a party or a tricks place in fact I love it. Usually, still a little horny, hopefully my hole still twitching. I like find a nice spot and spread my legs wide and stroke my sore piss soaked cock in my bleachers enjoying the stench as it escapes from my lap and permeates the subway car. I revel in the repulsed reactions of the other riders as the raunchy oder of the urine of countless men rises to their nostrils. They rapidly retreat to other cars or the far end of the subway car.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Got Piss? Part 4 DRUNKEN DADDY


DADDY: was about 6'4" tall & 64 y/o, tall and thin his long stringy hair slick with sweat pulled back in a pony tail he was not at all attractive. His beard enveloped his face and dangled 18" like a silver winter scarf. In front of him a small group of 3-4 guys grouped and sucked on each other. There was already a greedy pig on his knees suckling. I stepped along side him,he said nothing his eyes making appraisal. I moved in closer I could smell his pits, he smelled of beer like a homeless person or trailer trash. I felt me cock stiffen. I felt his hand encircle my hardened cock, he used it to pull me to him. He reeked and it was intoxicating. He cradled my head in his hand and brought my mouth to his huge nipples. I let my mouth envelope one then the other. As I nursed on his nipples his scent became increasingly overpowering. Craning my head, I rubbed my face marking myself with his scent, licking and sucking his pits frantically. Daddy kept my greedy tongue buried in his ripe pits for a while then he turn me toward the bed where I sat. My mouth filled with his formidable cock. It was long, at least 8" and thick. I filled my and throat and submerged in the slick, silver swamp. He reached a long arm around my body and turned us on our sides. All the while his cock slowly sliding between his long thick foreskin and the depths of my throat.
We lay like that on the rubber play sheets for I don't know how long. His hips slowly gyrating, I barely remembered to breath .Only the stench of his pissy sweaty cock encouraged me to breathe deep as I gorged myself on his pulsing, pre cum pump.


I arrive @ 6:40pm thinking "I'm late" by the advert for the function but knowing I was Fashionably late by NYC standards. After locating the entrance and navigating restaurant to the venue entrance I'm greeted at the door by a .... Robert Valin & company. I payed my $5 & scaled the asending stair winding its way to an intimate tea lit, asian unspired space. To my right a wall of glass exposed a atrium enclosed bambu enshrowded deck complete with hot tub and a water tower. Just beyond the perimer japanese maples and cherry blossoms danced to the Dj in a rock garden. . I find my way up to the bar etc not knowing what to expect I was suprised to find an empty bar dance floor. Still the music was pumping and the bar tenders ready to pour. I order a second Carona & jager.
By 7:15 THE Dj was doing his thing and a few singles have grown into many groups. The pace quickly picked up by 7:30 with dj was whipping truckstoppers with dark dirty dubs & hard beats that demanded tribute be paid as the music played. The party was finally underway and I anxious to see what all the noise was about.
I was pleased to find out just what all the talk was about. Great music & gorgeous men. Every butch Daddy bear fantasy in the walking flesh.

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1st fl: Empty

2nd fl: rear ends are sparse

Roof: Bustling & a Staff member makes his way from one end of the roof to the other breaking up groups of hot horny men with their brandishing their cocks in the sticky summer night air. So much for the show... May as well head down and check out the toilet. I make my way to the rear stairwell in the opposite direction. Four our five hot sweaty hairy horn dogs are getting it on in the alcove at the the top of the stairs. I'm not feeling particularly horny tonight but, when has that ever stopped me from dropping to my knees for a stud much more five. I remove the bottle of poppers and take a l o n g d e e p hit as I approach the growing group groping one another. I'm drawn into the crowd as if it were one living creature with many arms. Some pushing me down. The smell of sweat, sex & seamen invade my nostrils just as the poppers begin to flood my brain. I sank slowly to me knees my hands entangled in the group searching for stability for stimulation. I close my eyes, mouth agape it is quickly filled and fucked by a fat cock. A deep moan bellows in my throat. His cock swells and I eagerly swallow strangling myself on his cock. The crowd has grown and become a pushy mob. I'm pinned to his cock. Even with my eyes open my senses only allow me darkness and funk. Some one grabs hold of my nipple and begins to slow twist. Then the other is seize and suffers the same torment. My whole body is on fire and my cock is about to burst. It's not long before my roam hands surround two more pieces of meat. Suddenly, I'm swayed 45 degrees and another cock fills my throat. I haven't any time to breath I gag and choke as he fucks my face at a fevered pace. His hands envelope ears and every thing goes almost silent. I could hear the moans and groans around me but in the distances like a dream. I try to back away and retake his cock but he almost falls over me and his cock farther into me. It was the i realized he was getting fucked. Some one was really tearing up my tits from behind. He had big arms and used them to lift us both up and steady us. My eyes were filled with tears my tits and throat burned and I have snot saliva and pre cum dripping from my nose. By now my throat had but raped into submission and spasms stopped and I steadied into the top's pace. A thick, rough fingertip glides over my hole.

1:45 It begins to rain...My knees already soaked from the beer piss and cum on the deck sponge up the cool rain. Already shirtless the rain drips of the sweaty crowd and drips into my tightly shut eyes . I try to concentrate on the cock in my mouth working my throat clasping my forearms behind his knees. The rainsweat runs down my neck and back round my ass and into the crack then tickles my hole. A thick, rough fingertip glides over my hole. The tops pace hastens and the bottom let's out a howl. My mouth is filled with hot cream! The top plows harder and deeper and my throat is penetrated deeper and my ass invaded by that this rough finger. I'm about to let loose a geyser!

Every thing Goes White and not in a good way.

2am The Bar Staff returns shining his flashlight like the fuzz. He commands us to stop and pull our pants up or be ejected.

Shame. I think as a zip up my bleachers, I wonder what's going on down stairs.



1.1 Binding Agreement

This document, dated xxxxx day of XXXXXXXXX (herein known as the "start date"), is a five year contract of voluntary slavery between XXXXXXXXXX herein referred to as "Master", "Him", "He" or the related form "Master's" and XXXXXXXXXX herein referred to as "slave", "sex slave", "pain slave", "houseboy" or "it" or the related forms "its" or "itself".

The agreement consists of 8 main clauses with numerous sub-clauses within them and supersedes any previous contract or agreement.

slave, through signing this contract, is binding itself totally and completely, without limit (except as explicitly defined below), irrevocably to servitude to Master. slave relinquishes all legal and cultural (and both explicit and presumed) rights, privileges, prerogatives and status to Master to become His property as a slave for Him to own and use as He sees fit.

1.2 Term

This contract is binding for five calendar years from the start date until 23:59 (GMT) on TENTH day of February 2013 (herein known as the "term of the contract").


2.1 slave's Affirmation

slave affirms that it is signing this contract of its own free will without pressure or coercion of any kind, that it is of sound mind and body and is not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. slave further affirms that it fully understands the meaning and implications of this contract and explicitly requests it be enforced in full, and at all times, as defined below for the five year duration of the contract.

slave understands that it will be used for sex as a sex slave, as a houseboy with domestic chores and duties and also as a pain slave for bondage and punishment sessions that will be real, inescapable, unstoppable and also severely painful.

2.2 Interference

slave requests that no third party group, individual, organisation or body interfere in any way to prevent slave from fulfilling its obligations of servitude and obedience to Master as defined in this contract and for the full term of the contract.


3.1 slave's Responsibilities


slave will willingly, freely and to the best of its ability serve Master sexually in any way He requires.


slave will willingly, freely and to the best of its ability serve Master as a houseboy performing any and all household duties including, but not limited to, cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing and generally maintaining Master's home.


slave will willingly accept any punishment from Master and for whatever reason, including purely for Master's pleasure as a pain slave, but within the limits defined in section 4 below. Punishment may take any form Master deems fit including, but not limited to, corporal punishment, bondage, chastity, removal of privileges including food or sleep, hard work or degrading, humiliating or pointless tasks.


slave will willingly, freely and to the best of its ability immediately obey any order, or perform any action, demanded by Master.


slave will willingly, freely and to the best of its ability obey all rules set out for it by Master and live by them whether or not it is in Master's presence. slave is responsible for listing all such rules in a &quotrules of slavery" document. Rules for slave can be changed at any time by Master and apply immediately Master issues them.


slave will willingly, freely and to the best of its ability submit to any training, and any training methods, Master wishes to use or apply to it to better serve Him to meet His needs.


slave will always be completely honest and truthful and never lie to Master or omit to mention all facts, actions or inactions, or any breaches of the rules and responsibilities inherent upon it through this contract and associated rules of slavery document.


slave will never make any excuses for any failures or any of its actions, inactions or any breaches of this contract or the associated rules of slavery document.


slave will show Master the utmost respect at all times and never cause Him any embarrassment. This includes in any discussions, actions or activities with third parties and applies whether Master is present or not.


slave will always endeavour to improve itself physically and mentally to better serve Master.


slave will always be available to serve Master when required except by prior agreement with Master or for work or family emergencies. Following any emergency that prevents slave from serving Master then slave will, at Master's convenience, present itself for any punishment deemed necessary.


Master has the right to define rules, for any period of time up to the term of the contract, that require slave to seek permission from Master while in His presence to perform any and all independent actions such as making sounds, moving, bodily functions like urinating and defecating, and eating, drinking and sleeping. Master may also chose to allow slave to perform any or all of these actions independently to avoid being bothered unnecessarily by slave's base functions.

3.2 slave's Veto


slave has no veto over any actions Master wishes it to perform except within the limits defined in section 4 below or where such actions may result in prosecution under the law e.g. public nudity/indecency.


slave has no &quotsafe word" to use to stop any action or punishment.


slave has the right to respectfully refuse to perform any action for, or accept any punishment from, Master when Master is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In such circumstances slave must, when Master is no longer under the influence of alcohol or drugs, submit itself for any punishment Master sees fit.


slave has the right to refuse any drugs, tobacco or alcohol offered by Master.


slave has the right to veto publication of any information, stories or pictures about its slavery and service to Master.

3.3 slave's Possessions and Finances


Master has the right to make full and unlimited use of all slave's material goods, possessions and any other assets as His own and do so whether slave is present or not. This includes, but is not limited to slave's home, car, clothes, household or electrical goods and any bondage, punishment or other control items or materials.


Master has the right to require His slave to acquire any new, or dispose of any existing, material goods, possessions or assets as He sees fit with the exception of slave's house, car and any work related goods or clothing which are explicitly excluded.


slave will maintain an independent bank account and retain full responsibility for any saving and for any debts, or services provided, in its name including, but not limited to, mortgages, loans, taxes, and any household, food, car, clothing or utility bills. Master has the right to inspect, at any time, any and all of slave's financial records including, but not limited to, bank, mortgage, credit and debit card accounts.


Master has the right to set financial rules for slave to live by - including severe limits on spending.


Master has the right to make slave pay for any goods and services it uses while serving Him, or equivalent value goods and services to ensure it is not a financial burden on Him.


Master has the right to make use of slave for His own financial gain in any way that is not unsafe or illegal and does not breach the limits defined in section 4.

3.4 Master's Responsibilities


Master accepts that slave is a valuable possession and as such Master will keep slave safe at all times.


Master will not instruct slave to perform any unsafe or illegal acts or anything that is listed in the limits defined in section 4.


Master accepts slave has a right of veto on any actions or punishment if Master is under the influence of drugs or alcohol and furthermore slave has the right to refuse any alcohol or drugs Master wishes it to use.


Master will, at His own discretion, allow slave limited but regular free periods where slave will be allowed to freely express its thoughts while still showing respect to Master.


Master will allow slave to freely express itself in its daily slave journal and other electronic communications with Master including email and SMS text messaging, while still showing respect to Master and obeying any communication rules defined by Master.

3.5 Third Parties


slave may have no other Master, partner (sexual or otherwise) or submit to any other person without the express agreement of Master.


Master is free to have other slaves, partners or relationships of any kind.


Master may expect slave to serve in public or private, alone or in front of others.


Master may instruct slave to serve another man or men, transferring any or all His rights and responsibilities under sections 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.3 of this contract and in the related rules of slavery document to that man, or men, for any period of time up to the term of the contract. Master may, or may not, be present while slave serves third parties but remains ultimately responsible for ensuring this agreement is adhered to by those parties.


Master may instruct slave to serve Him with other male slaves where slave may have to control other slaves as a dominant alpha-slave, or to submit itself to another alpha-slave.

3.6 Disagreement


If there is any disagreement between Master and slave on the term of the contract or any of the clauses or limits within the contract then in all circumstances Master's decision is final.


Alterations to the contract must be agreed with Master and slave and an amended contract with the agreed change must be signed. The term of the contract will not change as a result of any amendment unless agreed by Master and slave. Master, or slave, can veto changes.


4.1 Bodily Harm


Master will not submit slave to any actions that would result in permanent bodily harm. This includes permanent marks on the skin and burns.


Master will not submit slave to any tattoos, brands or piercings against its will.

4.2 Unsafe or Illegal Acts


Master will not submit slave to any unsafe acts, sexual or otherwise, including no scat, blood, needles, knives or other weapons. This does not limit any oral use, anal use with a condom or drinking Master's piss.


Master will not submit slave to any illegal acts, sexual or otherwise, including public nudity/indecent exposure and no acts with children or animals.

4.3 Work and Family


Master will not submit slave to any actions that may result in it losing its job or seriously impacting relationships with its family.


5.1 Lapse


This contract will run for five calendar years from the start date (the term of the contract) after which time the contract will lapse and the slave is freed of its slavery to Master as defined in this contract. Master and slave are free to negotiate any new contract or to not continue the relationship.


If Master moves more than 50 miles away from Central London then this contract automatically lapses. Master and slave are free to negotiate any new contract or to not continue the relationship.


If Master and slave move in together then this contract automatically lapses but Master and slave commit to negotiate a new contract appropriate to a 24/7 live-in relationship.

5.2 Termination


Master has the right to terminate the contract at any time during the term of the contract.


slave has no right to terminate the contract until the term of the contract is complete.

5.3 Breach


Master has the right to severely punish slave for any breach of contract.


If Master breaches any of His responsibilities or slave's limits as defined in this contract then this contract is automatically terminated and slave is released from its slavery to Master.

5.4 Goods and Assets


Any goods slave buys for Master or any goods it brings into Master's home for Master's personal use or for His use on slave will remain Master's property at the lapse, termination, breach or transfer of the contract.


6.1 Right of Transfer


Master may at any time during the term of the contract transfer the ownership of slave to another, new, Master, under the same terms and conditions of this contract, for the remainder of the term of the contract.


Master commits to ensure any new Master is a man, is sane and responsible and irrespective of his sexual-orientation or intended use of slave understands the dynamics of a gay Master/slave relationship.

6.2 Consultation and Remuneration


slave has no right to be consulted in any aspect of the transfer of the contract of its slavery.


Any remuneration for the transfer of slave to its new Master under this contract, in whatever form, belongs entirely to Master.

6.3 Act of Transfer


Master and slave agree that any dated signature in section 8 of this contract by Master and a new Master changes the definition of Master from the date shown, for the remainder of the term of the contract, from the man named as Current Master to the man named as New Master. This supersedes any person named as Master in sections 1 and 7 of this contract. Any New Master, will then be known as Master with all the rights, privileges and responsibilities resulting from this contract including the right to transfer ownership of slave to another Master by completing section 8 (appending additional pages in the same format where needed).


I hereby agree to be bound by the clauses and limits of this contract of voluntary slavery for the agreed term of the contract (five calendar years from the agreed start date) between the two parties identified as Master and slave below.

Furthermore I agree that this contract will be held by Master and in the event of conflict with any other versions held securely online or elsewhere then the version held by Master will be deemed to be the authoritative copy.

Master: __(SIGNATURE)__________________________________ &nbspDate: 10th / Feb / 2008


slave: __(SIGNATURE)__________________________________ &nbspDate: 10th / Feb / 2008



I hereby agree that the man identified as Current Master relinquishes all rights and privileges to, and responsibilities for, slave as defined in this contract and transfers them to the man identified as New Master below.

Current Master: __________________________________________________________ (PRINT)

Signature: _______________________________________________ &nbspDate: ____ / ____ / 20___

New Master: _____________________________________________________________ (PRINT)

Signature: _______________________________________________ &nbspDate: ____ / ____ / 20___



If you Google skinhead and look at the image results it won't be more than a page or two before you'll come across his work. Drubskin or Drub, lives in San Diego, CA. and is our Artist of the month.


I've got my first laptop and I'm scouring the web for all things that satisfied the
appetite of a 19 year old repressed homo who was now methodically attaching hooking up C4 to the closet door. Ergo anything queer, comics and porn. Preferably all of the above. I'm not sure if we had google back then but my searches quickly yielded a jackpot Drubskin.com. The site featured some of the
coolest hottest art I have seen to date! Besides providing hours of jerk off material, Drub changed my life. I know it sounds well weak. Yet its the truth. But let me back up a bit.

I was already a fan of Tom Of Finland but, this was different. Tom provided j/o material to a kid who had no other option. Artistically he was awesome but this Drub guy seemed to draw directly from my every freaky filthy little fantasy and display them into single frames with simple, elegant lines and color. Lots of color! I was immediately blown away by just and still wonder just how he does it. Most importantly was subject matter. Tom's men are hot! There is no denying that but Drub's men were the guys I fantasized and jerked off to.

Skinheads, Skaters, Rugby players, Coach/ Daddy Fantasies all things that made the cobra stir, strike, and spit. This was the stuff I'd be drawing of I had the skill. I was and still am an avid comic fan and wanted to draw and tell stories of my own. Alas practice never made perfect. Thats why I'm a photographer now and guess who's influence is clearly apparent in some of that photography.

And then there were the things I'd never considered. Looking at Drubs art made my dick hard. It also made me seriously consider piss as an option for fun. His images invaded my fantasies to the point I was inserting myself into these single framed fantasies.

Drub affirmed Vespas are cool and sexy and not just a weak little mopeds Italians ride around on saying ciao.

That was then.

13 years and several laptops later, Drubskin thrives with an expanding gallery of of work in a variety of media including his popular blog. Drub has developed a fan base and that can only be described as a cult following complete with sweaty sock exchange. If you don't know who he is you've probably still seen his work. An amazingly talented artist and a marketing master Drubs artwork has appeared in galleries,many magazines, comic books, as post/ greeting cards club fliers and even Skateboard decks. His logo designs have even been translated into patches by fans.His talents are available for commissioned work and advertising.

Or even a Tattoo.