Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Burnt Money

 Burnt Money
Plata quemada(2000) NRSet in 1965, Burnt Money (released in Argentina as Plata Quemada) tells the true story of Angel and Sam, gay lovers who turn to crime, bank robbery and murder, holding Argentina and Uruguay in suspense as they lead the authorities on a two-month-long manhunt. Delicately balanced between gripping action and tender romance, director Marcelo PiƱeyro's film premiered at the 2000 Toronto International Film Festival.(image & synopsis, courtesy of netflix.com)

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blind Sighted

Blind Sighted

So I'm on the train in NYC. I'm heading from 23rd St Manhattan to Ashley's place in Kew Gardens Qns. I'm plugged in and tuned out, head down, music up and engrossed in my cell (iphone4). It's Jan and the metal pin in my knee is killing me from being on them all day laying bricks w John (yes I was really laying bricks outside in January). Anyways I'm on my way home(ish) just got a seat and we hit the next stop. I don look up as I am preoccupied with my i-device, like so many others. The doors open. The crowd rushes in. The train wasn't so crowded but I notice that some one was really invading my space. So I look up I see a lady. I'm still confused when I see the dog. My initial thought is, "why is there is a dog on the train?" As the lady next to me gets up.
Oh blind > seeing eye >dog! It hits me so I move over to my left giving up the spot on the end. The lady almost sits on me, I caution her and clear the area pulling out my headphones while guiding her to her seat.
This is her reply

"1st of all you could have given up your seat you sound pretty young. And second you decide to move after I've already begun to move"
I didn't reply more than "ok"
That's what I get for listening to Mom and being polite.

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