Thursday, February 19, 2009


Fetish Fashion Show
Feb 19 2009

Featured Designers & Shops
The Leatherman
Nasty Pig
My Lady?
The Baroness

MC BK of Forbidden Funk kept the ball rolling.

The Show
There was plenty of eye candy
Show Featured
Boys of all kinds from Deviant Diesel Daddies to Pierced Punks every being in between.

The ladies were not to be left out. Victoria's secreat was out with a varied array of dark angels stalked the rubber runway
Leaving little to the imagination
Giving front rowers an "inside view" / sneak peak peek a boo no panties
Sweet spot

The Leatherman:
Not to be outdone the Leatherman not only showed their own original custom designs but also showcased designs from inseam, and others.

Not suprisingly the Lethermans men represented a refreshing range of ruffians. From tattooed pierced punks to an axe wielding, wild bearded bear in a butchers smock & jock, my personal favorite.

Nasty pig:
Served up Brought a bevy of buff beauties to be worshiped and drooled over. As always NP. The gear was standard of their Alpha male gear paired with an LA Bad Ass, gangbanger prison fantasy look NP also added some fun to their usual seriousness with a bit of drag sending out a veiled white clad bitch "bride" as their finale.

What stole the show was the great spirited crowd. Fellow fetishiers fetishizers came out in mass support. All decked out representing the fetishes to which they are enslaved.


Color, lots of color, I saw more color on the runway this season than all the fetish fashion shows Ive attended in the past. No longer does fetish equal standard black. Everything from passionate purples, bubble gum pinks that pop to rich reds & bright blues & piss yellow.

Work wear: We do love our butch gear and our comfort but still like to give a little flavor to our don traditional gear. This seasons wears were delivered in full with Firemen and Rough necks in mind.

If color is the new black these season then rubber is definitely the new leather.
Designers & retailers sent a variety of rubber goodies in an assortmet of colors.
An inflatable straight jacket in piss yellow was a hit with the crowd.

Note worthy:
Fireman Fantasy- wrestling firemans carry

A red & black princess zip corsette drew Oooos &. Ahhhs from the croud
Crowd favorite