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I ran into a photographer buddy of mine last week at a nudist function at Leslie Lohman Gallery. He'd mentioned it to me the previous week and I went and subsequently, Joined. (see " The Naked Truth")

"Hey, I really have to commend you on your Model Mayhem & 2k profiles." (see "My 2kmodels.com Profile")

Modelmayhem.com (MM) and 2kmodels.com (2k) are social networking websites for Professionals and Aspiring Professionals in the Photography & Film industries.

"They are so concise and to the point. Every bit of information to every question you could possibly ask is answered and some that shouldn't have to be asked as well.'

"I laughed, " well there's good reason 4 that!", I didn't mention the rare drama I had recently experienced. It was also ironic because just a few days before I was at a Photographers' Club meeting on the Gay Center and the same topic came up so of course I went on a rant.

"I know you can't imagine the amount of crackpots and wannabe's and "unprofessionals" I come across."

"Actually, I can. That's why my profile reads the way it does. Now it's just informational but I've saved on my computer the many incarnations of my profile which come of harsh. Here's a clip.

"I'm open to working with people who are new but if you are a model you should know what a model is and does. "
To illustrate this point I've gone as far as to put the dictionary definition of a model in my profile:


[mod-l] Show IPA noun, adjective, verb, -eled, -eling or (especially British) -elled, -el⋅ling.
1. a standard or example for imitation or comparison.

2. a person or thing that serves as a subject for an artist, sculptor, writer, etc.

3. a person whose profession is posing for artists or photographers.

4.a person employed to wear clothing or pose with a product for purposes of display and advertising.

If you claim to be a model or even an aspiring model there are 3 things you should take note of.
1. Models should know how to move and take direction.
2. You should make it your business to know or get to know how things work.
3. READ The information given to you.

I find my self wasting time answering questions that are available in forums and other places. My Internet presence for one. The info i send out is painfully detailed and for these two sites specifically have help centers for those that are new to the industry. That being said....

Things I should not have to explain:
What is a test?
Where is your left or your right?
You should be on time.

If you are going to be late or need to cancel you MUST Call. (get a lot of no shows no calls)
I'm used to working with Pro models new and seasoned. If a 14 year old girl who arrived from Brazil yesterday speaking no English, can find her way around Manhattan, get to a studio, take direction and kill the job. There is little excuse for anyone else.

You are not Naomi, Gia or Kate so you should not arrive tweeked, hung over or coming down of your crystal binge. What you do is your business, when it affects my pictures that is my business. I really don't care what you do, 420 is totally OK with me but still makes for a bad picture, save it for later.

I will not be casting anyone for a shoot with out having tested with, met or previously working with them before. i only put my $ on a secure bet.

I always ask that my portfolio, profile, website and or blog be reviewed. All info is repeated on all sites so if you visit only one there should be little question for you to decide weather or not to meet and test with me.

I even end one of them with
"I know my profile comes off really harsh but I'm actually a nice guy, really"

and although as my profile states I'm looking to work with experienced models, I am open to helping develop portfolios for new models."

"Yeah, You would think It was written in Japanese or some Alien Language. I'm pretty sure it's well written and I know it's English in which we use the Roman Alphabet." Still I don't know what gives.

There are so many misconceptions about photography and the photography industry I spend more time dispelling myths and educating people on things they should already know or have found out. I don't want to go into surgery and have to explain to my surgeon how to make an incision ( which I could... medically trained in a past life). The point is if you are going to agreed to occupy a position you should know how to operate with in the functions of that domain. If you don't know you should probably find out. When some one who has been in the business gives you advice you should probably consider it. I find that this industry is harsh and people don't give a shit about you or what you want. The only think that's important is the work the final inception of a concept or idea, probably not your idea. So take the advice, it's rarely given & go with the flow.

End Part I

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