Saturday, May 22, 2010

Me Myself & iPad

Me Myself & iPad

May22 11:28pm

So I've succumb to the urge, mass marketing and copped an iPad. In fact I'm keying this blog on it now. It wasn't as easy as you may think to obtain this exquisitely fun little gadget. By the time i finally decided to make the purchase it was a month later and Apple had sold 1milion units. I swaggered out to the apple store knowing which model i was getting, 64GB 3G, with a complete list of peripherals in min. Only to find out that they were sold out. Not just the store I was in but all stores in NYC. I even tried calling Westchester (20-30
Miles outside NYC) but, it was a Sunday and they were already closed.
"would you like to put one on order"
"No that's ok", I replied letting my disappointment get the best of me.
I moseyed on down from 59th St tourist trap to the 14 St location to charge up.
I purchased a juice pack looks like i was going to be needing that extra battery life for sure after all. Later that night I stopped back at the uptown store and made that reservation.
A few days later I got the email " Congratulations your iPod is here".
Conveniently I had an appointment in the city that afternoon. I kicked the shit out of my psychopathology exam and headed in to the city. After my appointment I headed over to the Apple store to pick up the newest addition to my little Apple ifamily.
Thus far, I haven't seen one in the wild. Apparently no one I know has either. My mates seem to be more enamored than I. Its intuitive even for those who have never used an iPhone or iPod touch. Strangers stop me to ask what's that? I have to admit the attention is nice but I wonder how so many young people at a university have no idea what an iPad is.
I've only had it for barely 3 days, I haven't even set up the 3G yet so I haven't given it a full test run. However,
It really is all about the experience. My iPad is more fun to use than my iPhone which I adore and the 6x larger screen is a beauty to work with and viewing video YouTube et al. Is great.
[3G Update
I have to say I ran out of data after just 2 weeks and had to purchase another $15 plan. If you use streaming apps like Netflix or ABC the unlimited plan is definitely the way to go.
ABC promises an up date to improve quality and download speeds.]

Takes a little getting used to as it's a little smaller than a full size but is responsive and once you get the hang of it it's no problem at all. Either orientation works well; like the iPhone. I prefer landscape but portrait is also a nice option. I've written a few blogs emails etc. and I find i switch between the two depending on weather I need to type more quickly, landscape. To view more of the document layout in note pad or pages, portrait works best.

The Internet is lovely safari smoothy and pages load quickly.

My iPhone apps work just fine a little pixelated when full screen but fine enough not to be a bother. Some apps work just fine on both units with no loss of clarity like the 3D brain app others like qik, a camera app just crashes when launched. It's finals time at uni so I've been spending most of my time in the library. Apps like 3D Brain and good reader are awesome study tools and just as I did on my phones tiny screen use good reader to download and view lecture slides.
It's great that I can use my iphone apps but i was a little surprised at the meager offering on the app store. Clearly the selection will expand as the iPad becomes more popular and in the hands of more people. I will give formal reviews of individual iPad apps as the become available. That's the problem with arriving first at the party. No one to talk to.

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