Sunday, October 14, 2012


We was headed for the top son
They used to call us Top Gun
That's how we used 2 ride son
2pea in the pocket plug in the socket
Duces in the cock pit
That's how we used to rock-it
Used2 ride shot gun
Now you say it's not fun
U wanna go solo
No longer duces
He on that dolo
Lost cause no hope
Just give em mo rope
Let him tie his own noose around his own throat
Watch him dance like Go-go
Let you replace me Ridn shot gun
With yo double barrel shot gun
I let you take your shot son
Man I even copped one
Now I hear you taking shots son
I ain't even vex I just let you pop one
I even let you pop 2
I ain't even try2 stop you
And when you stop to reload
MF thas when I got you
Thought you was BIG
Now MFs askin
Who Shot you

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