Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Running Through The Darkness: Draft

Runnin through the darkness
From a creature fierce and heartless
Yet can a slave escape his harness
Insecure cuz he didn't have a father
To raise em up and push em farther
Found out what it is to be a man by his uncles back hands
and clothed fist
Temperamental bitch
Out Of Control
Called him faggot
8years old
Didn't even what a faggot is
But he knew just what to do
When they shot that bitch
Blew out his intestines
He was the one that pushed them back in
Calmed the screaming queen and cousins
Got the car keys and tried to minimize the bleed from him

Running thru the darkness
A bit more secure
broke the chains
But Still the clamp remains
The links click clink in sync with the heart that pounds and races
The in and out of breath up and down of the chest as he paces
Then stops
Turns around
Fear he faces

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