Monday, March 30, 2015

So i Creep? Yeah

You be The Judge
A Few Things To Consider b4 We Begin
1. The Full Conversation consisted of these 2 lines.
2. I have Never messaged this man before
3. In NYC if you're 10miles away it's likely You're Not even in NYC

So this Profile contains 3 lines 
I take issue with a total of Yes all 3 lines

1. Don't be creepy 

2. No... Twinks

3."If a person doesn't answer you after 3 times, 
I think its a given not interested."

So Here's the Thing
1.Dont" be Creepy- I can completely understand this statement a lot of guys don't even say hello they have no pic and will send you their asshole. 
In NYC if you're 10miles away it's likely You're Not even in NYC

2. I Have never messaged this guy b4 
so what makes him think I am attracted him or expecting him to be attracted to me. 
Simply commenting on the fact you come off like an asshole

3. "Who Do some of you people on here think you are"
This coming from the guy who thinks it's ok to passively ignore people
Nigga... Are you stoopid?
Please notice that there is a block button X Grindr does not
 charge a fee to block people. And when you do you simply disappear from their grid 
No fuss no Muss
So if like you say, you're trying to be "Nice"
You think to ignore someone is the compassionate route to go?
Which leads me back to #1 Don't be creepy. 
Dude FYI, and this is the reason I hit him up in the first place 
My dude you are not THAT Fly. And if you were you still wouldn't be that Fab

4. Delusions Learn how to deal w/ rejection in a more adult way 
Ok This one is 3 fold
a.Maybe your the dick for not taking the hint?
b.How can you make a judgement of me re: rejection when we've never spoken b4
You've never rejected me because you've never had the opportunity. I never expressed interest in you just as you never expressed disinterest in mine.
How bout Learn to not project your shit onto people 
you don't know and haven't met
How bout If you've gonna sit at the Adult table...
 Learn how to deal with adults like and adult 
and the real adults won't have to call you on your bull shit and then you won't have to lash out.
#JustSayin #Apphole #DoucheBagsOfGrindr #DontBeAnAppHole

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