Thursday, April 28, 2016

YouTube Is Changing

Like a certain youtuber of a particular dietary persuasion who shall remain nameless because I refuse to give him views or drive viewers to his page, that loves to attack other youtubers?
I commend you Matt but, you do realize people love a shit show you need not look any farther then reality/ ratchet tv.. there's a reason it's taken over. We went from MTV's Real World to Housewives & other Ratchet TV of the like.
The more mainstream anything gets the more watered down it gets in its purpose it message its validity the greater the mass appeal the more dumbed down it gets.
Surprise, people are stupid and love stupid shit.
If you read the comments you'll find they are generally assholes and now you don't have to be that creative to create cost/benefit of technology... any asshole with a phone can create ...now what they create...that's another story.

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