Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dudes on Display: JD Metro Cub 2009

Dudes On Display : JD Metro Cub 2009
I met this cudley cub on the set of Bear City film this summer. When I asked about the Metro Cub 2009 Sash he was wearing he replied, " I won for best ass shake!"

I thought he was cute as Fuck and had the personality to match so I offered him my card. It wasn't too much later before we scheduled a test at my studio in Qns. He was more than prompt arriving a little over an hour early. I was still shooting another bear, Ed AstoriaCub, (previously featured in Dudes on Display) and we were just getting to the "good" part.

Typically here's how a test works. Basically the Photographer, myself & the talent meet at the studio we look at some work talk more in depth about the project. This gives us an opportunity to discuss what I'm looking for and how far subjects are willing to go. Then we proceed to taking some shots to see how well we are paired. For this reason, I usually don't test pairs or groups until I've at least already tested one of the pair individually and talked with both of them about limits comfort level etc.

JD's vibe was cool & relaxed with just the right amount of energy. He was happy to hang back with my assistant and let me finish up. Ed had some time so I changed up the program a bit, shot some quick solos of JD and then turned my attention to pairing them up. They looked great together, two hot bears with hard creaming cocks!

By now JD's vibe had infected us all an we were hanging with the familiarity of a fraternity. I styled them down making Ed the Top and JD the bottom. Picture this, JD, on his knees, Ed's huge cock bouncing at his lips. He wanted it. He looked at me as if to ask permission. I told him to look into Ed's eyes. The chemistry was off the meter and they fell into a scene that needed little direction. There was no discussion needed.
Since then I've had JD over for Two subsequent shoots & one on location in a bar Tolet!
On our second shoot I paired him with scrawny big dicked bottom, Cary. In this scene JD killed it as a ruthless Dom. He brought the sex slut out of a stiff and starchy kid. Even I was surprised as I watched through the lens. Four fingers disappeared, then Five and greedy hole was raped. Yes I have photos. You can look for them in the coming comic Pet!

This cub is as cool as he is hot and as hot as he is clever and his talents go well beyond shaking his ass!

You can find JD @
Metro Bears Drenched Pool Party Jan. 09, 2010 @ The Grace Hotel 125 West 45th St. NYC between 6 & 7 Aves.
National Bear Contest in San Francisco Feb. 2010

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