Friday, January 22, 2010


The Naked Truth

Brief Encounters:
So I'm at a booth shop and I run into an associate of mine. Another photographer I met a 5 years back while working on Fire Island at a clothing optional hotel. We spend the next few minutes catching up on the last 16 months. He informs me that he has to go shortly but we should keep in touch this time. I agree. We've never hooked up. Although the chemistry was there and dude is hot, circumstances never allowed. it seemed like circumstances were to have their way again tonight.
"Where you rushing off to anyway"
" I've gotta go home change etc. before I go to the (Gay & lesbian et al ) Center"
Immediately my mind drifted to AA, NA, CMA et al. none of which I've had the need to visit.
" Actually you should come you'd probably like it."
OK Now I'm confused and curious.
" What kind...?"
"It's a mens nudist group."
My mind drifted to a room full of old pervs . Hmmm sounds hot.
" ..no stroking, sexual contact etc."
"What if you get a woodie?"
"just focus on the conversation or the guy next to you."
"What if he's got a woodie?", I joked.
"OK.""So how long have you been going to this Men's group?"
" I've never been," he continued, "but a friend invited me and I thought I"d check it out."
Nudity outside the context of sex and it sounded legit. Even if it wasn't since when could I resist a room full of dirty old Perverts. He gave me the details, we agreed to meet there at 6:15, said our goodbyes and departed. 6pm was in less than an hour and a half. I made my way toward the Center.

Room 220 was open and empty. I found a spot and plugged in my retched iphone to charge. It was about 5:30 and still an half hour to go when the first of the nudists arrived. He was short, round not too dumpy and had a butter face that wasn't exactly cute. But his awkwardness was. I imagined him naked, his roundness free of the tight jeans and T he'd stuffed himself into like a sausage. I let my mind stop undressing him before I got to his cock.
He pulls up a chair and sits close to me.
"You here for the group?" he asked.
"And which one might that be?"
"The men's group..."
"at 6pm"', I cut him off. Rude yes but, I was having fun. I wondered if he wanted me.
"I'm meeting a friend, never been but, he invited me to check it out, is it your first time?"
"It's my second time"
"So you're not a virgin then, fill me in what's it all about?"
"just some guys hangn' out enjoying the male form."
I had to piss and I remembered the six cock rings on my dick stretching my foreskin.
"Listen I just gotta run to the toilet would you mind watching my stuff "
On my way to the toilet I peep this Papi chulo sitting with is drag/ tranny friend. He's checking me out. On my way back, same deal. I smile to my self giving it no more thought. I return to find butter boy in the same place I first found him and my Iphone safely charging. Before we can strike up our conversation. The door opens. It's the Papi Chulo and the Tranny.
I think " oh this is gonna be fun" Never one to turn down a bit of mischief I couldn't wait to see how this played out.
Is there a meeting in here?
i look to Butter boy
"Um... what meeting are you looking for ?"
"NO, not here"
"Oh... well What kind of meeting"
I look back to Butter boy.
"It's a MEN'S meeting "
Exit Tranny: 'Oh"
What kind of men's meeting he looks to me
I'm really just meeting a friend. I've never been.
"Well is it in the News Letter?"
He Pulls out a Center Calender of events.At this point I'm well ready to explode.
"What's it called again?", he asks.
"I'm not sure it's listed, I don't even know what it's called." I look to Butter boy...
Butter boy : "uhhh..."
This scenario goes on for many more minutes.
He begs a question.
I turn to Butter boy.
Butter boy : "uhhh..."
Long story short, to my surprise and a bit to my dismay, he decided to stay. Still he was funny and I was happy to have a partner in crime on this one.

There is Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself:
The room began to fill to what eventually amounted to about 40 guys ages 30 - 65 mostly caucasian. As 6pm approached the room bustled with guys finding spaces to sit disrobe camp out and hold court. Others set up tables with wine pop snacks etc, some were on chairs and ladders putting up curtains in the large windows. First coats then shoes were shedded, then shoes and so on. it was show time and the curtains were not even up yet.

"I need a splff"
My new friend and I make an discrete exit.
I returned in a "lighter" mood to find my Buddy had arrived and the crowd thickening up.
Most every one was in some phase or state of undress.
"OK I'm ready.... but first, I'm gonna get some wine"
After that I did disrobe. The room was warm just like i like it. I was schwizn but it wasn't the heat.
" It;s called NERVES!" poked Chulo.
"What do you mean I love to be naked. I chill in my house naked all the time!"
"Yeah, that's why you sweatin"

i pointed out that we've both been to the gym bath houses etc He pointed out that we were likely to be the hottest guys there certainly among the youngest. WTF? I can be on my knees @ a sex club get fucked with the door open at the booths but I'm embarrassed to take my clothes off an be naked with some guys who may even turn out to be interesting. They certainly had some nice cocks. We agreed it was all in our heads.The fear was completely psychological. I wasn't a chicken and these weren't chicken hawks. As the time went by, people mingled my Buddy stopped by our corner and yaked it up a bit.
Still sweating, i spent the majority of the time having good conversation with Chulo. As I looked around me, every one else seemed to be doing the same thing. Other than our lack of clothing the meeting didn't appear any different from any other social group I've visited or heard about. A little to my dismay not even a little lewd happenings on the low. Of course there were naked hugs and a few bouncing chubbers but no one seemed to notice or care. It was cool. One queen sat with her feet up, legs agape as if I really wanted that particular view of that particular produce. A little annoying with the sucking of the lips and the bobble head motions but, harmless. Cocks, cocks every where can be an arousing thing.

Take me to your Leader:
The Leader was a small guy middle aged and good looking, with he glasses he reminded me of a 1920's archeologist. I thought there was something sexy about him but then I have a talent for finding the sexy in every man. Beyond that he was charming and a little flirtatious. As he talked his knee and thigh pressed up against mine. His cock started to stir and rise away from his balls. Watching his cock rise and fall started to give me a chubber. My own cock began to thicken and snake across my thigh. I didn't want to be judged. This scene made me feel like i was 13 in the locker room at school and all I wanted to do was get out before I sported a boner.
That was my own shit.
Truth was I wanted to stick my tongue down his throat my finger up his ass and his cock in my mouth at the same time! But I didn't want anyone to know it. First time in my adult life i've been in a room full of queer naked men and hoping I don't pop a boner. The Irony, it was O K
Still.... in my head, " focus on the conversation, focus on the conversation, fuck i'd like a piece of that, focus on the conversation damn that one has a hot foreskin focus on the conversation..."
"I'm gonna have to cut this conversation short we only have a few minutes before we wrap it up.."
He excused himself
"OK every one we only have a bout 5 minutes before we have to wrap it up so if there's some one you haven't met or want to meet ... you have about 5 min to get a naked hug!"

The Naked Truth:
I never did pop one I still felt a little awkward being such a sexual creature naked with a bunch of guys in a non sexual context, edging the line between appropriate and inappropriate. Whatever my hang ups were I got over them by the end of the night. As Chulo put it "it's healthy to step outside your comfort zone."As for butter boy I think he took offense he never spoke another word to me the entire function.
In the end he was right.
"Just some guys hangn' out... enjoying the male form"
As I filled out my membership form and paid the $40 fee i was looking forward to the next function and maybe getting to know a few of these blokes.
it was exactly what you would expect it should be and not what you'd expect it would be.
I came here looking for one thing and found something else, something unexpected and even better. "

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