Sunday, January 1, 2012

Jan 02.2012

Ironically enough since my iPhone4 has been OOC & OOC and I've had to rely heavily on my iPad and my old iPhone3g (no S), I have been getting more "work" done. I say "work" cuz well... I'm sure you get the idea. Funny how when we don't have the best we make due with what we have, propel beyond expectation or aim even.
So it's 2012 and I'm sure if you're actually gracious enough to be still following my rants n raves across the Internet and possibly jerking off to either my shit or someone elses shit I've posted....Breath... By now you're wondering Lewd.. WTF Dude!
Yes I know I've been a bit heavy handed with twitter and Tumblr etc but that's just to whet your appetite for what's to cum so to speak. It's 2012 the end of the world as we Know it. Before it ends
#TheLewdWorldOrder will Rise
I promise lots of new original content across all media with a LewdLife reboot and LewdLife2.0 and the Premier Issue of LewdLifeMag
This blog However, Im not really too sure what im gonna do. Ossues with the man (Google) and queer censorship so... We will see. Not to worry o ye faithful, the long form blog will continue as the world turns we the young and restless will 43ver have sumthin 2 bitch about.

Of you appreciate my Long form efforts or You just have a short attention span...pls show your support and follow me on Tumblr Twitter or what evers your Flavor.




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