Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Letter T My Dead Lover

Nothing and no one compares to you
Every man I meet I compare to you
Sometimes I can't even eat
most nights I can't even sleep
cuz I'm not there with you
I need you I need you I need you so much
I'm lost and I don't know what to do
Every day for the that's year I awake hoping that this isn't the truth
How could you leave me why did you leave me
Believe me I'd trade places with you
Even if I never got to see hold hug or kiss you
You were my best friend
Do or die my homie to the end
I can't even pretend
I feel like with our you in it I want my life to end
I just wanted you to come on home
Now I'm home Sully
McCully Caulkin
Home Alone
And I'm screamin like
What the fuck am I supposed to do wit out you pa
You were the shit
How am I supposed to continue pa?
I never even got to say goodbye
Never told you I loved you enough
Even though I always told you I loved you even when thing were rough
We were on the precipice of a second chance
Now how the fuck am I supposed to find romance
I can't
I just want you
I can't move on even though I have to
Just so u know umma still do all the things we planned to
I have to
Like the two wedding rings you bought us
My heart is locked away in a draw collecting dust
Once in a lifetime love comes once in a life time all the rest is just lust.
Most are shady 90% are crazy the other 10% just wanna lay me but all I want is my baby.
I miss you

Jody Sharron

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