Thursday, February 2, 2012

So Sweet MonJan32012

So I've got my moms Honda in the city while she's driving my sisters Volvo which shes fixin to sell cuz she just bought a new car. Ok so I've had this car for like a week now school started toady if your are vigilant in keeping up with my tweets you already knowI got a parking ticket this morning. Time to return the vehicle.
After class I drive from queens to Westchester to drop off the car. Moms asleep. She works nights so I didn't want to disturb her for a ride to the train station. I call my sister who lives about a half mile away if she can take me.
"I'm leaving now"
I get my shit n head for the door.
A minute later she's picking my up at the curb.
In the car we exchange hellos etc
Oh you can have this
What is it?
This girl know gave it to me.
What is it?
She's Irish.
Huh? That's relevant, I think.
What is is
I Don't know some kinda Chocolate. You know I don't eat that shit. Nor does she let her kids. Me on the other hand, I'm gonna be diabetic like so many in Lewds past.
"Hi my name is Damian & um a Chocoholic. "
No lie I have a snickers bar in my pocket right now.
Wooohooo! Chocolate. Sweet. Thanks!
We reach the train statin say our goodbyes. I get my ticket and FiddleFuck around with my iPhone till I remember the short film that I shot last night. I check out the rendering on the first cut, looks great. I call my best M8 who's in it. While I'm on the phone some thing catches my eye. The chocolate comes in one of those tins like what Grannies butter cookies with the sugar on top. I never liked those. I already knew the sweets came in a tin; it was only in one of those plastic shopping bags. The arresting element was that the tin, was purple. Now he can appreciate this as we've been m8 since we were lads. And of course by now he would know the significance. The next thing I notice is the little pictures of the individually wrapped chocolates
Oh Shit! Dude!
I repeat the story I've just told you
"She's Irish."
Now that shit makes sense
It's Fuckin Cadbury Chocolate
My absolute favorite chocolate and I've got a whole fucking tin of it!
Twirl DairyMilk Eclairs Caramel TwistedCreamEgg &Fudge
Just When I'm hard up n celibate
So Sweet


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