Sunday, March 25, 2012

What Makes Me A Skinhead

Honor Brotherhood Pride
I Love my boots I love my Bredren I love my Country
The Fashion the Music are not as essential as the Spirit.
One Can be too poor to purchase boots or Fred Perry Ben Sherman Flight Jackets & the like, and still have the heart of a skin.
If you haven't been exposed to the music Oi Ska Reggae etc How can you know you're in love with it?
Aesthetic is just that. Regardless of the fact that I love my boots feel naked w/o my braces.
Personally, for me It was a discovery of self of sorts. Growing up in a Jamaican family in America that regularly visited England, the music was Reggae Ska & Rock Steady. I was always proud of my history "roots" if you will. I love the music
The women are mostly nurses and the men, Military men turn rude boys.
Draw Your Own Conclusions.
It wasn't till I was older and Away from home that I began to realize that all the bits of life that I loved culminated into one single fact.
I am Skin
“A real skin does not choose to be a skin, they discover that they are a skin. It is not just a fashion statement; It is the way you feel and act and express yourself. Skin is in the soul.” 
-Damian Lewd

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