Monday, April 30, 2012

You be the Judge

Again y not focus on WTF you ARE looking for and NOT insulting specific groups of people. If i kick you in the face with my steel toes for no reason, then say I'm sorry will it hurt any less? I happen to have met this guy b4 and yeah he's about as much of a dick as he comes off here. (It was a long time ago n just didn't work out so no this isn't some kinda bitchy revenge blog) It always amazes me how much fags discriminate and how adamantly bitchy they can be, when they are so often on the receiving end. ESP this one being deaf or whatever his disability is. (He wears a hearing aid and sounds like that deaf bitch from the L Word) I take no issue w/ deaf people, I even learned some sign language in order to date a deaf guy but that's besides the issue. The issue being you aren't better than anyone no matter what to momma told you. Not to mention you live in a fucking Asian neighborhood AssHole! How the fuck do you sound?

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