Friday, May 18, 2012

N.O.V.A. 3 For iPhone

If you read this blog or even skim it, you can see i love my gadgets esp. my Apple gadgets and apps. GameLofts (GL) NOVA (Think Halo), is famously my favorite game to play on the iPhone. I have profiled both NOVA and NOV2 on this very blog. See previous posts for notes on how awesome this game is. Most recently GL released a version of the game "N.O.V.A. Elite" to be played on Face Book. Elite was met with disapproval and contention from many players, myself included when there was no iPhone release. i have not played because...
FB is the Devil 

So I was excited to see the alert badge on the NOVA icon on my ip4. I was even more excited when it took me to the App Store. 
You can expect a full review of N3 in the coming weeks. Damn now I really have to beat the boss in "Inner Hell" (Last Level N2).

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