Friday, May 18, 2012

You be the Judge

My profile Clearly stated 
PicLess Profiles Will Be Ignored 

Now, on the internet, you never really know who you're talking to. Even when provided with a pic, you never can be sure that the person in the pic is the person that you are typing to, and are possibly heading out to meet, fuck or if you're a trusting soul, turn up at your door. Those of us who have been hooking up since the days of Netscape and AOL dial up, are far to familiar with this scenario. Who hasn't met up with the guy who looks nothing like his pic because it's 20 years old, or because he's using someone else's pic. But, its like 20 years later, everyone and their mom has a smartphone or at least a picture phone. If you're using one of these GPS Based Social Networking (SN) apps clearly you have either a camera equipped smartphone,  iPad or iPodTouch. That being said in a day and age of the Digital Revolutions Digital Revolution (if that doesn't make sense you're just not old enough to understand ask someone over 30)... when everyone and their mom has at least a picture phone there is no excuse for you not to have a picture. 

-"iPad1 & Older Touches Don't have cameras."
Then ask your mom, a friend, or a coworker to take a pic and e-mail it to you. Fuck I've had strangers in Times Square ask me to email them pics. 

-"Well I don't have a personal Email and I don't feel comfortable giving out my work email"
Email is free and if you can get online to look for dick or what ever is your pleasure then you should at least equip yourself with the right tools. Really? I can't believe these are actual argument folks have made.. How many ways can I say, I'm not interested. 

-"Yeah but some people are private or their work doesn't allow for them to post picture on the net (inter or mobile)."

 True but then i really don't need to talk to you. I respect your right to enjoy your "Privacy" 
The bottom line is right now most people have Smart Phones which means they have Face Time or Skype or some other Video Chat Service Available. Nobody's asking for head2Toe Nudes (banned by Apple as main photos), we are talking head shots people. If you can't produce a few reasonably clear pics of your self; 
  • A. How do I know you are you?
  • B. What's my incentive to talk to you in the first place?

Especially, if you live 100miles away for me. Not that I don't appreciate having fans globally & I do. Yet there is only one italian couple that I met while in NY via a GPS based SN App that I keep in touch with over said SN. There are too man other options for keeping in touch with anonymous characters. Which ironically enough each have their own #app4That. I don't mind having a chat with someone around the globe. But the same rules apply, security doesn't get looser the more of a stranger and the farther you are away. I am from fucking NY.

The whole purpose of using GPS based Social Networking apps is to find guys locally. my profile will usually reflect that says Do you but as I respect your right to be a weirdo a on the DL a cheater closet queen or your simple "privacy' then...

  • C. You must respect my right to tell you to #FUCKOFF when you approach me with a proverbial bag over your head trying to chat me up when I have No Paper Baggers Tattooed across my forehead.
I'm done

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