Monday, July 2, 2012

Woke Up Wit a woodie

Woke up wit a woodie woodie
Wish I had some goodie nookie
Love it when it's good n gushy
Aint talkin Josie and the Pussies
Alone so I gotta pull n push me
Need some lube to slip a finger in the tushie
No need to worry I know it's clean and sweeter than a chocolate tootsie
Guys Fantasize about this chocolate bootie go slow mr turtle
too much teeth Mr Owl
suck it don't bite it
It's not a cookie
In my eyes I want you to look me
Do that again an umma have ta beat ya like bookie
Like dem crooks out in Brooklyn
so play nice like you playn hookie
Heard you was a hoe so I know you not a rookie
But you bite it like a newbie
So stop trying to beat it up like the cops b4 they try to book me
Once we got things str8
str8 to heaven where he took me
Ready to shoot like an Uzi when u do me
When um done loosie goosie
You want 2 hang here's sum rope now tie the noosie loosely Time2 get loopy like Lucy
Ricky You So mean
Auto asphyxia autoerotica
David Carradine Hong KongFooey Chop u like suey Kung Fu
I could see da fu-ture
Fortune cookie
Lookie Lookie Ms Cleo
Im going in call me Neo
I'm the One Lo Hago Frio
Tony Montana Al Paccino
Todo el mundo es mio
I'm in your bed like a freaky
Call me Tio
Now give me head make it good
Mamma mio
Make me sing Like Skeelo
Bulging like a speedo
Ready 2 skeet skeet skeet
So take it real slow
Too late here's a free load

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