Monday, November 5, 2012


If im not number 1
then im not the 1 BITCH
I am superman
I will never be a side kick
I am the whole meal
I am not a side dish
You can eat that shit
That shit is bullshit
I ain't trying ta sit around like a side kick
Get treated like a side bitch
Bitch I ain't no crackhead
yea I take it up the ass
But you will never screw me
I already told u whats my deal
Already told you how I feel
MF thought you said that you knew me
I can see inside the future
No ruby
When I look inside it
I can see you ain't really real
N I don't need no psychic
To see you aint excited
You chasin after dude
like Dat hobbit
Better yet habit
Call you spike lee
He's gotta have it
Like u need a bad hit
I ain't even mad
I am not a savage
Gwan an git what you wanna have
if you really wanna have it
I don't hand cuff So
Go on and try 2 grab it
Ain't waitin round
4 u 2 cum around
I am better den average
Time 2 say goodbye
Now you're just somebody that I used to know

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