Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Um on my cum up like samsung
Um so outta this world 
galaxy 3 
so outta this world 
hubble telescope can't see me
I am not a human being 
marveen da marsheen
outta this world 
higher then Charles Sheen 
I am not a human being 
outta this wold saturn rings
they say the best things in life are free
but the best thing in life is me
and umma G-O-D
aint nobody got mo money den me
these MFs worship me
um a fucking star
bitch super nova
when I blast off
interplanetary life
Bow down bitches
um a god
kneel b4 Zod
super man couldn't fuck with me
leave that bitch in a coma
Call me big boss Bitch um bigger den Oprah
get dat geko green
Livin dat lewd life Roman Greko toga
fucks with cholos
don't fuks wit chocha
yes i am bannas
and bang like yellow bandans
Love dem mexicanos
tell dem bros to come ovah
got dat cheech an chong
we can roll it in a blunt
we can smoke it in a bong
all night long
gettin high and coming down
rolla costa
this is our fuckin thing
cosa nostra
poachin pussy
pussy pocha
an i eat i like a vultcha
then i let the homies hit when um finished
don't give a fuk if he's wit it
Um tipin extra if we kin choke ya

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