Wednesday, April 3, 2013


He sed daddy can i git da dick
I sed of course
Stay fucking these bitches
fuckin all fours 
Riding dat ass
ride it like a horse
get it 
ass horse 
yeah i know you get 
of course 
but don't let me get off course
stay puttin dat ass
golf course 
piggy love it when um fuckin that ass
especially when he snort 
he like dat freaky deeky 
N i know he sneaky 
thats why I lock up the pussy 
when um on tour 
What you think the cage in da basement 4
you thought i was talking rhymes when i sed 
i got bars
got a whole dungeon to beat that ass
tour chore 
make em see stars 
no telescope 
give me deep throat 
umma fuck it till sore 4 sure

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