Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Alien 3: Why It Didn't Work

Why it didn't work.....for this guy maybe.
I had my issues with Alien3 but wouldn't say it didn't work...
I think is was pretty good actually especially considering we never thought we'd get another so Ripley killing herself was totally what she would do
i like the Prison Planet concept Monk merger
no way out now weapons ups the stakes
At the end of a day they're called Daily's
A lot of films go through a lot of bullshit with studios interference Speaking of Fox Fuckery... Fantastic4 (2015)
Alien3 was not bad and not "not bad"
It was good....a gothic horror action film hmmm sounds like Alien and Aliens combined = Alien3
This film gets so much shit because they killed off Newt and Hicks and with great disrespect
Nobody wanted to see that like the starters prequels this was not the Sequels we were looking for (see what i did there...) unlike the prequels IT DID NOT SUCK.

Hey in the style of Aliens they can always say Alien3 & 4 were just a horrible dream!

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