Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Beyonce's in Trouble Now.. People Are Planning An Anti-Beyonce Rally Bec...

I don't see how this is a slap in the face to whites or racist...I can see how it can be perceived by racists as a slap in the face. She's a Back artist who performed a song that celebrates her backness and used historical black imagery in a performance that took place during Black History Month. End of...I doubt she thought it would be so inciting or any of the other black artists that were were present. It's not even like she sneak debuted the song it was already out for a couple days and i"m sure the NFL (a bunch of white people) previewed the song and performance prior to the 1/ 2 time performance... Some racist white people hyper react and suddenly she's SuperBlack Woman taking whites stacks and using it to give em smack... Come on Knock it off. It's not that deep.

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