Monday, February 1, 2016

YouTuber "Baby Scumbag" Arrested For Sexual Exploitation Of 12-Year-Old

The problem with the youtube community self policing is they majority of the viewing community especially of youtubers like BS are adolescents. Expecting adolescents to be accountable responsible, since when has that ever worked? The problem with youtube getting involved is what he doesn't on youtube isn't technically illegal and they don't wanna get caught up in censorship drama and the bottom line is when he gets 700k Followers and x amount of views that affects their bottom line. At the end of the day this is a business and for them it's good business. Every one wants to restrict the internet like tv etc.for the sake of the children...The internet has long been what it is we all know this has been traditionally the home of freaks and lets just say it can be a dangerous place..Technology is becoming more an more pervasive in the way we live but Just because technology is available doesn't me it needs to be accessible to our children especially when they understand and adopt it faster than we do. Eg. Snapchat 1st blew up not with young adults not Highschool teens but middle schoolers and what do you think they were using it for? If you can't police your children if you can't limit their access then you shouldn't have them or at the least you shouldn't give them unfettered access. Where were his parents? where were that girls parents? Where are all the parents of all the kids watching and encouraging this? Why do either of them have access to be in contact with complete strangers via the internet in the first place? Obviously, the adults that encouraged this are disgusting and deserve what they get...but why is youtube responsible for the protection of YOUR children? The internet is a vast and varied frontier you don't let your kids runaround unsupervised (maybe you do) but here kid here's and iPhone here's and iPad have at it. If you don't what your kids are watching on youtube then you don't know what they're watching on xtube.

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