Sunday, March 3, 2013

Peter Pandrew: Andrew Cristi's New Book

Avocate Interview:

Did Peter Pan Inspire This Gay Prostitute Turned Novelist?


I can't say that I have read the book. However, I've know Andrew Cristi since 2010. I also have followed him on FB. I first met him in a Statistics for Behavioral Sciences course in college. I'd just started a twitter account and tweeted a photo of him. It was my first photo tweet, subsequently deleted. We hung out a bit after class and visited the campus queen club. Little did I know what I was in for.  He's smart funny and yes Narcissistic and that's just the beginning. I often found myself agreeing with much of his rants, until so often he took a left turn off a cliff. It's the context and the interpersonal relations that drove me mad when dealing with him. He was abrasive, brutally honest, and very much full of him self to the point of delusion. Finally, After a FB "fight" if you will, I threw my hands up in the air and wrote him off. Then I wrote an article about it "The Truth About Andrew Cristi". I never did publish it though. I wasn't surprised however, when I got the call or text rather, requesting to do a photo shoot for the Advocate article. We'd scheduled shoots in the past, but lets just say they never came to fruition. He told me it was for a book he'd written. My initial though was OMG I can only imagine! 50 Shades of Andrew! As he described the books subject matter, I have to say I was impressed with his honesty and openness about his personality disorders. So much began to make sense. As a psych major this only confirmed and rather contextualized my every suspicion, the experience that I had with him and what so man others have described.
Weather this is another attention seeking hustle and he's using him self due to his own smug sense of self importance or born of benevolence, doesn't matter. If you know Cristi, the book lends insight to understand him. Perhaps not every one w/ the same conditions, but it definitely brings clarity to his murky personality and the AC experience. Everyone that I know who knows him agrees this may not necessarily be akin to Hemingway's memoirs. He may not be the best writer, but they all agree that it is indeed honest. I never though I would be coming to his defense, but like him or his book or not, how many people are willing to put their true personalities (fallacies and all) out there for the world to scrutinize?

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