Wednesday, March 20, 2013


i arrived at his apt and hour late. i like to keep the bitches waiting
the doorman was expecting me. i had told him to let the door man know his Master would be coming to punish his bitch ass and to give a description of me. He must have thought the bitch was joking, i could see the look of horror on his face as he saw a booted skinhead entering the rotating glass doors of this luxury building. He quickly collected himself as he seemed to recall my bitches instructions and description. He smiled a tooth smile and said Oh! you must be the Master.. go right on up...{pause} Sir. It tickled me that he called me Sir. I nodded to him and proceeded to the lift. His eyes never left me even as the doors to the lift closed. i pushed pH and entered the code.
The door was unlocked as i had in instructed. a single candle pierced the darkness. his shadowy figure knelt naked with his back to me. i stood in the doorway a moment and pushed the do shut. He gasped in anticipation.

he sat there in the center of the empty room motionless on his hind quarters arms behind his back. No doubt he had remained this way for at least an hour and a half. I let me eyes adjust. i approached him silently. As I came closer I could see the base of the massive dildo buried deep within him glistening in the candle light. Next to him a lie hood and a bucket of boy butter. i was pleased to see he was open ready. I had no intention of fucking him. I don't fuck slaves. They aren't worthy of my cock. From behind, I secured the hood over his with lock and key. His breathing deepened and hastened his ass began to tremble around the gargantuan slab of fleshy rubber that invaded him. I slowly unzipped my bleachers and released my cock and balls. His breathing hastened still. My balls churned as my cock began to lengthen. I could feel the piss deep within. His breathing was now fast and shallow his chest heaved his whole body ripe with anticipation.

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