Sunday, March 3, 2013

Untittled Twitterration

Dude say he like twinks
IdC what he thinks 
2much sugar 
2many Finks 
I like grown men 
Hard like Brinx 
Hairy woodie l
ike a wookie 
No jajaBinx
No hello kitty 
No think pinks 
Like em rude n crude 
LewdLife inc 
No girly Attitudes 
No shaved skins 
Like minks 
Str8 2 the point 
No sly winks
No side winks 
Only let em in
if dey like kink 
Str8 hair curly hair 
SnM Up n here 
when we lewd-life-ing 
No boy bands 
No NSync
No J Timberlake 
No Nick Lachey 
No Justin Jef-fre 
Throwing dick my way 
Or pen-e-tra-ting 
PAs all the way 
No PA 
Parental Avisor-rey 
UM on fire 2nite 
MFs need2 retire 2night 
MFs gon call me Sire 2nite 
I aint huffin 
I aint puffin 
On dey knees blowin 
Is where dey goiN 2night

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