Monday, May 2, 2016

Fans stunned by Lil' Kim's new look~ Your F*kn White You have no MELANIN...

"More blonde"..? Uh No. Like this is the first time Kim has done blonde and hello roots?
"Making her hair lighter" are you serious? With all the shit she's done to her self you've gonna come for her hair The woman who has worn literally every single color in the rainbow hair and damn near all of them in a single video

Why does every one feel so bad for Kim? Does she not look happy is it NOT HER LIFE to live and or fuck up? Or are people just upset that she's not what they want her to be. When people tell you who they are in life you need to listen.

It boggles my mind that people can't tell
5:55 these are different times of day different make up different lighting
6:24 the pic of kim next to Mariah Carey she's only a few shades lighter this photograph is from the 90s Yea take a good look. Kim latest selfie is in a white room and obviously is using some sort of ring flash/ beauty dish/
Note there are no shadows and most every thing is blown out
Who compares a pic of a 41 year old who has been known to have some work done to their 17/18 year old self
I'm starting to wonder who's really the sick ones here
I don't get the surprise there are pics of kim straight up looking like the cat lady ....too much work leads to more work.... yet the discussion has never been about her shifting features or the numerous surgeries or the alleged body sculpting it's about a shitty not very well lit pic from over 20 years ago as compared to what's clearly an over lit photo with makeup that's much lighter
Where's the reason?

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