Monday, May 2, 2016

Iggy Azalea Thinks Beyoncé's "Becky" Line From 'Lemonade' Is Racist

Becky is a "stereotypical white girls" name this is true Becky is usually a name associated with a white girl of means and status or a Valley girl. Now this may be a stereo type but it's not one created by or used exclusively by blacks and certainly not a racial slur. It was created and perpetuated by Hollywood & the American media which the last time I checked was not controlled by blacks. #OscarsSoWhite #Again The (black written) TV Show Empire goes as far as to play with this stereo type by naming the very dark skinned blonde weaved Gabourey Side's character proclaims "what? My mom's white" in response to her name being Becky.
Using Becky is hardly then same as Shaynaynay, Saynaynay is a horrible characature of ghetto girl stereotypes like Catherine Tates Lauren or Little Britain's Vicky Pollard (who are white) youtube them you can thank me later. Furthermore, Becky was not targeted at anyone specific or any group, it was used to describe an unknown character who may very well be fictitious.
This comes down to context & knowledge of cultural vernacular. "You better call that white bitch you been fucking" is racially insensitive for sure but even the context affords it some slack and is not a reversible situation. You don't see a lot of white girls going to the extreme to meet the standard of beauty as say a Lil Kim who stated "I'm insecure...every man I've been with has cheated on me with women who have more European features" She was always made to feel not good enough. Notorious BIG longtime friend and lover dropped her to marry Faith "Becky with the good hair" Evans a fare skinned black woman with more European features whom he hardly knew. Look at her now Literally the same weekend Lemonade drops so does Kim's new look. This is why the situation doesn't work in reverse and complaining Becky is offensive, even if is, is petty. The term describes a woman of affluence who is recognized as the GLOBAL STANDARD OF BEAUTY. There's a huge difference between that and referring to someone as the most ratchet character one can think of.
...The irony is thats lost here is Becky is probably NOT a white girl
Black people do not refer to white people as having "good hair" they refer to mixed race/ native american/ east indians. "Good hair" is reserved for people of mixed heritage. "Oh you got good hair, you got indian in yo family?' The term actually implies a softer textured black hair.
Another interesting thing of note is Iggy has never had a problem with this before Beyonce's use when hip hop the field she's constantly being accused of misappropriating has used the term for literally decades. Not only in the song flashed here but that very song including that line was sampled not too long ago by Niki Minaj. If she truly had a problem why is this the first time we're hearing about it. Could it be that she has a new project out?

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