Friday, May 6, 2016


"No single food macro nutrient is responsible for poor health"...That's pretty accurate.
He's talking about VG (he who shall not be named) and people who ride bicycles are skinny and talk crap about others (as you said)
This is literally the very first Vegan Fitness Youtuber I've seen who wasn't exactly as Kinobody described
For about two years now I have been looking for information on Vegan bodybuilding and eating in general. The aforementioned as well as some other vegans of the same disposition were the only ones I came across. Unfortunately, instead of finding helpful information in the from of tips tricks recipes etc, all I found was obsessive hate speech about other youtubers and condescending rants about inhumane meat eaters and animal rights. All of which is ok to a degree but not what I was looking for and not exactly the best way to win people over to your cause. People love drama so they tune in for the drama then they leave. Other than that you're preaching to the choir and those that might benefit from your message get turned off and tune out.

Well done on this video Sir.

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