Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Nicki Minaj Vs Safaree: Safaree Sues Nicki Minaj After Meek Mill's Birthday

Nicky V Safari
No One Knows What Goes On Behind Closed Doors
I love how people are picking sides and going in on each other when
1. No one really knows what the law suit states or is about
2. No one really knows what their relationship was like

What we do know
1. She's a mad aggressive chick
2. There are multiple videos posted by her on youtube right now where she all but punches him in his face....and that's just the shit she put out...
3. She didn't claim their relationship for 10+yrs but dropped him to get with what the youtube comments are referring to as
"The L King" He never once tried to tarnish her name and he TOTALLY could have yet some how he's "unloyal" (some of y'all need to brush up on your English) Disloyal.
4. You can't go at a chick for verbal/ physical abuse and have a rap career. If a woman beats on a man cuts and scratches etc some how that's ok but #DoubleStandards
5. What's that line She has about coming at you with a knife?
Stans help a brother out
6. If he was gonna sue her he should have done this already.... #TooLateGang
7. Love and Hip Hop loves to stir the drama pot so this might be a part of that
8. None of this is confirmed so for now it's all rumors

Funny thing I had an uncle (asshole) he always said...
9. There's two sides to every story.
He has a younger brother.... He always said
10. Theres 3 sides to a story
Yours, Mine & The Truth.
These kids are going at it like they actually know the truth.#SMH

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