Thursday, June 14, 2012

Untitled: (How I feel right now)

Everybody want a share of the cake but dont nobody wanna stay n help me bake
Don't nobody wanna share in the weight
Put ya hand down bitch
it's goin down
bitch-your too late
Till the last minute nobody told you 2wait
I was looking 4 real hommies str8 out da g8
Do or die hommies kuwait
I stand alone sovereign St8
Don't sleep Freddy Kruger
German Luger
I'm takin ooover
While you faggots debate
You fuckin loosers suck like Hoover
freakin secrets um blown da hinges off Da G8
Call me Mr McCarthy cuts I'm huntn you bitches down and deciding ya F8
Fuck all dem bitches Dat h8
Claiming friendship but you faggots are fake
You don't want the beef
Bitch you'll get eaten like stake
Vampire MurhaFukas you kin git da steak
I wouldn't let you suck my dick
Even if it was small enough to fit in ya face
I call my dick nelly carter
Cuz it's a fatty & bitches wanna taste
I wouldn't let you lick da rapper
Bitch GiveMeABreak
Talking kit kat
I ain't
No matter how you beg n plead
Stay on you knees till they bleed & worship me as a saint
U be lucky if I skeet in yo face
Leave you drippin like paint
My dick so big if I gave you taste
You be tripping like Mace
an pass out
You be ass out
like a prison bitch who got his ass
Passed out n turned out
But I anit fuckin wit u
Cuz Dat ass is burnt out

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