Monday, June 18, 2012

The Yard

The Yard
So about a week ago I caught a little show called the Yard in Hulu.
In a word BRILLIANT! I absolutely LOVE this program. It's smart funny well written and speaks to both adult and young audiences at the same time. HOWEVER I do have one issue with this program especially after catching my second episode.
So here we go let the rant begin.
Why is the only brown boy on this show an idiot perv who not only thinks invisibility rings and X-ray glasses work but uses them to violate the young (all white) group of girls and shits himself.
I'm all for the strong woman archetype but why is the only tan (Hispanic looking) character,
the only non white girl on the show the bed wetting enforcer who loves to fight
WTF Kind of stereotypes are you reinforcing here?
For such a cleverly written original program I'm greatly disappointed in their lack of creativity on this front.
What's worse is like I said before this program speaks to adults as well as young kids. Kids will watch this and look for themselves in the characters. If you're a white kid there's a variety of archetypes to choose from. Good & bad. The popular girl, the leader, the thinly veiled skinhead bruiser, the girl jock.
Sadly if you're a non white child this program says your a looser a bottom feeding, pervert idiot thug with no self control.
That Is All

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