Monday, June 18, 2012

Looks like Umma have2
pass on tagging up that ass boo
Sorry cant run up inside you
Especially when I know um being Lied2
Got a pocket full of posers
But they don't phase or amaze me
I dont love em i dont fuck em
I just pluck em N toss em the wind like Daisies
I mean dandy lions
I ain't lying I don fuck em I just buck em cuz bitches be sick like rabies
These bitches can go to hell cuz they can't spell hades
Can't stand when men act like bitches these fuckin faggots seem to live to be shady
But you ain't fuckin slim you ain't fuckin him so leave that shit to Eminem The only thing u got that's sim is you candy coated
Artificial color and flavorin
Sweet like saccharine
Fake like the Sims
You kin eat my sharts shits n farts No Simps No lisa No Barts
You leave a bad taste like Tarts
Ice queens no hearts
I would rip you one by on but I I dont even know where 2 start

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