Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Twisted Tortured Minds

This is a space where I often have to put faggots on blast. Why? Because A) I'm not the one you wanna bring your bullshit to and B)for some reason these bitches have some sense of entitlement that they can just say and do whatever they want. Especially on the Internet because it's not face2face. Additionally, C) So many of us have issues due to growing up gay, daddy didn't love me, mommy was overbearing and demanding, too much attention,not enough attention, I was molested, living a closeted /double life and countless others that too often lead to D) drug and alcohol use and abuse as a form of escapism or simply to numb the pain. People don't realize what party drugs like X cocaine and meth do to your mind.

This is your brain
This is your brain on drugs

Remember that?
I always thought growing up how corny. Unfortunately its hella accurate. What may seem like a simple night of fun can lead to a lifetime schizophrenia and schizo like symptoms other mental disorders brain damage and worse. I won't even touch upon the crack users except to say that every one weather you've seen the drug or not knows what a crackhead looks like. Yet, I know several Dr.s lawyers and nurses who think they're immune to its effects.

Unfortunately for them but, fortunately for myself ( well I didn't think so at the time) I have dated every kind of addict there is. So I recognize these Twisted tortured minds even with out my training. Even still I must warn these cunts w/ issues or just filthy cunts not to bring their sand to this beach.

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