Thursday, August 20, 2009


Foreskin Restoration

About a year ago I was home watching TV when I came across a program on Showtime that caught my attention, Pen and Tellers Bullshit. I had never seen the show but was aware of who they were so I let it roll for a minute. The premise of the show is these two guys
Penn & Teller, do investigatory reports on various topics. The topic of this episode was circumcision, a procedure I am opposed to. My interest peaked when the topic of foreskin restoration was introduced. I am circumcised and around the age of 7-13 OK 7 I was already sucking cock by then. I began realizing something was missing and have since become increasingly dissatisfied with the fact. My family is not of the US so "it" didnt resemble any of the others I felt lucky enough to have glimpsed. So what's a guy to do when he's been snipped and it's 7 and 13 years later then 20? I always thought not much outside of drastic expensive surgery. So I settled into my life joining the ranks if the other millions of mutilated men. Apparently, I thought wrong. Tugging is the process of tugging or stretching the skin of the penis by witch the foreskin can not be restored but replicated. The excess skin functions the same as the foreskin. Minus much of the sensitivity. Still, much sensitivity can be restored. I know it sounds crazy but apparently this works. There are support groups comprised of both str8 and gay men who have undergone and are undergoing the process. There are also an assortment of devices designed to assist in the process. One such device are Foreballs, a weighty device that resembles a miniture dumbell. One rests against the head of your cock and the skin pulled over. The skin is then taped to the bar and the other "bell" produces our "tugging"as it hangs. Another device is the Tugger. It works on a similar concept as the Foreballs. Most of these products are available via mail order and cost between $120-$200.

I began the tugging process some time last year (about 9 months ago) and have gotten visible results. Even without a committed daily regimine. I mainly use the manual method at least twice a week for 15-30 minutes. Thirty min to an hour if possible. Pretty easily done considering I usually spend at least that much time beating off daily. Over all tugging is simple inexpensive and relatively painless just remember to get
surgical tape if your're taping and moisturization is important for a healthy stretch. I have recently incorporated occasional pumping into my process. It helps loosen and stretch the skin. My ultimate goal is to have foreskin that covers the head of my hard cock. I'll keep you posted.

For more in depth discussion on
Foreskin restoration and tugging I'll provide links later but for now you can google key words FORESKIN RESTORATION. (MAKE SURE YOUR GOOGLE SETTINGS DO NOT FILTER YOUR RESULTS.

NORM: SUPPORT GROUP w/ lots of great in depth information & links.


Foreballs: PRODUCT

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